Sunday, August 21, 2016

Versace commercial and the 90's.

You have to follow this...
I'm watching something on TBS last week and a commercial comes on. Its in black and white and has a bunch of male models in their undies running through an alleyway behind one beautiful woman. Then,it changes to two guys in a boxing ring,after a few punches- one grabs the other and kisses him.  The next scene,the boys is running in those $100 (maybe more) Versace suits down the streets.
It reminded of those 90's Commercial in black and white with Benecio Del Torro and the gorgeous Heather Graham. Ben,who was never great looking as a male model?..luck of the draw. He was in the right place at the right time. Me at 24 was better looking if I do say so myself...

And what does this all lead to ? Well,I was trying to remember a song from the early 90's for wouldn't come to me. That Versace commercial had the look of that video. Tickling my synapses.
Then- I'm watching MTV classics..boom. There's the song that I had been trying to re grasp for days. "Sadness" by Enigma.
7 degree's of the 90's and me.