Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What if God is not a people person?

I see more examples of God being indifferent then I do all encompassing love for all. Heck,It looks like he might be as Grant Lodes or Taylor Swift would say "A hater who hates".  They would say that - not me.

I'm not going down the list of today's tragedy's..but if that be love? Leave me out. That spirit can go help the next guy. Well,I will take lotto wins supreme ruler help. Cheat for Stan.

Maybe God likes rocks more than people..he made a lot of those. Flying all over space. Everywhere you turn,a rock. I've met people who seem to have rocks in their heads. Yep,he loves rocks.

No need to test me by making me survive a drowning..I will take your word for it ruler of the Universe that drowning is a bad thing.

 Have a nice day!