Friday, September 30, 2016

Radnich and his bullshit maudlin Dad stories.

Look,I've known this guy to claim "So and So is a good friend of mine" - even though the truth is that guy hated Radnich. Also,how many people does Radnich hate and backstabbed that he claims are his (Emerald Yee for one) good close pal? ..LOL, he's such a liar..hearing those father stories he makes up remind me of that one he told last week- about the bum that gave him a punchline "It should be 100 dollah's boss!"..I know Radnich thought that bit up shaving and tried to pass it off as real. I know it.

If anything, Radnich Dad probably was irritated at the son who thought he was a college pimp,and told him "Dance when you act like a clown if you want to be paid,jackass".
THAT sounds more like the truth then the embellished if not made up crap Radnich puts out there.
Hey,he lies about everything. Why not his dad? Get real.

AND! I'm sick and tired of hearing about Vin Scully..damn media just beat him to death.

Enough!..88,still breathing,yada yada..

Donald Trump likes his cocaine? Speed?

Sniffles,and up at 3 in a morning hopped up and angry at queen?. How druggie sounding is that? Running for President ..that's on his drug addled mind.
I wonder what his prescriptions are..and whats not prescribed.

Grant Lodes drives a Rently! Must be like Daddy Raddy.

Some overpriced thing to impress..
Well,so does Radnich aka "Leasee"!

Radnich stories about his dad sound like bullshit..

I listened. As somebody who knows that guys mind? He would not hesitate to lie with some made up stories of dad-son.  Probably the truth is, his Dad smacked Radnich around and was a Al Davis to Mark Davis...and why Radnich is so insecure and worships wealth.
I'm telling to you the truth..

Oh- Radnich once again brought up the promoted Rocky Marciano- ALI fight he  pulled off in the 70's "Computer generated"   Radnich never mentions- never- that he fixed it so that Marciano knocks out probably the greatest black fighter who ever walked the Earth!
Radnich wanted to make the paying- to- see- the- fight- white man, happy. As Radnich would say  "The brothers want to sneak in,not pay"..God, do I know him or what?

Brian Stowe and the Teen hooker- how to be bad and make millions..

To see the full weight of the Giant publicity machine making out Brian Stowe as a blameless participant in the fight that nearly killed him is much like the 17 year old whore now on the edge of millions in a settlement...being bad for riches.
Stowe as we all know,shot his mouth off at Dodger Stadium...told familys with children loudly that "Dodger Dogs taste like shit!" and was a boor himself, now tells kids he's anti bully-LOL..that's a sarcastic lol too.
Let me tell you- the reason he sued the Dodgers and never named the two criminals? Because Stowes family and lawyers didn't want the real truth of how obnoxious Brian Stowe was that day- provoking his own attack. IF the two punks had been named as part of the lawsuit? Dodger lawyers would have a field day having them testify at the lawsuit of Stowe's words that day. Something Stow never mentions now and Larry Baer seems to forbid any mention. Goddam that Baer.
Same for the teenage whore. Rewarded for being the cause of their own troubles.
Amazing huh?

Grant Lodes is Gary Radnich 2.0 in training..

More and more he's less him 2013 and more like a skinny Radnich of today. He's now even bringing in his wife for family bits to make Radnich and he- I suppose- look better. Instead,Lodes looks like the despicable company shill, 2.0.

Radnich to host race this weekend. Bring tomato's and rotten eggs!

Go for between the eye's. It makes the drip look even funnier!

Grant Lodes final shot at news is KRON I guess..

Because anybody who constantly says "That guy' for every story including the death of a police officer "That Guy"..can't be taken serious to work elsewhere. Plus his other trademark- blue tennis shoes while reading the telly prompter.
He can also do a mean Radnich attitude impersonation. See how far that gets him after KRON.

Darya MUST know what Gary thinks of this..After he gropes Grant Lodes wife.

What a stupid premise that wont die at KRON.

You have noticed Radnich never does a Kathy Heenan on Darya? or a Steve,or a Diane on Darya. He NEVER slips either with Darya. He's her loving daddy every single day. Every.

Last night on KRON Radnich felt up Grant Lodes wife ..and Lodes said nothing. Had his hand on her back,kept pumping her hand...groping. Lodes watched,afraid to say a thing.

Its do what ever you want at KRON. The KRON Cult elders are just devouring the underlings.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Yep,Radnich laughing in Aveson's face. Like Radnich is the KRON dick tator...

Its just open asshole all the time now. KRON must be going under..nobody there cares. Its like Lord of them there Flys..Lodes leering at the KRON woman,Radnich just walking dead man attitude. Then he walks home...

Watching KRON edges erode...

"You're a trip" said Grant Lodes with a leer to Viki Liviakis on a story ( I missed the start of it) about coffee. "You love coffee more than your new husband" he went on with the fucking Radnich attitude. She said "No"..then "Maybe hand in hand" she said trying to play along..but she was uncomfortable at Lodes badgering her.
"YOU should be the one not drinking coffee" Pamela Moore said to Lodes.
Besides that? Lodes was doing the news in blue sneakers. How professional.

Its like a slippery slope as KRON becomes everybody do what you want..

Shut down Wells Fargo. It cant be business as usual.

What the hell good is a place where you keep your money that is full of thieves? You think they changed? Bullshit!..they are only better at stealing customers money.
They need to be driven out of business. Close Wells Fargo down-- THAT'S a lesson to the banking industry along with Wells Fargo executives doing hard time in prison.
Anything less proves that we are a corrupt country,a plaything for the rich.

Radnich wearing down..

Old age hits everybody. He without a doubt is making every second count as in "I want to go home" for KRON.
Plus,the no socks and tan loafer or tennis shoes scream old folks home. The "I have no shame and cannot be embarrassed" he does all the time now? More old folks thinking..

Wait he does have guilt deep down...he wont go to KRON if Kathy Heenan is in the building. Coward.

KNBR ratings,down,down,down....bad pairings..

I wonder per show how much of Tolberts 8 share is long gone?  I doubt who he lost went to the 95.7game..maybe they just stopped listening to sports? KCBS time. Driven to news.

I would say Tolbert and Lund is about as good a fit as Radnich and Bruce..without the acrimony. Another bad pairing on a lower level was Monty and Dibley- remember that?

Eric Davis was paired with the Rat on that sports station that quit after two years. One time Davis got so mad I thought them two were going to go at it. Eric took any slights about players he knows personal. The Rat of course was just doing normal sports talk.

Papa is lost in space right now..its like he don't trust talking about his most vile inner sexual taboo's with John Dickerson like he did John Lund,lol. With the Dick,he's uncomfortable talking about Dophins and blow up dolls.

Dickerson isn't bad at sports talk by the way- he's good..its like he's just had bad luck in not getting a permanent gig or good co host.

KNBR? well..if yer not into that morning zoo thing 100%..its not part of the routine. Fitz and Brooks always sound like an infomercial selling baloney,no need to stay listening to them ever. But Tolbert was their he's a rock crumbling. As soon as Lund opens his mouth..a pick chips off more of Tolbert.

Trump should name Charlie Sheen HIS VICE president!

Trump is very Charlie Sheen like you notice? How many ex wives does the darling of the conservative Christians have? How many woman for fun sex has he had?..

Trump,who yelled for years about Obama's birth certificate being hides his income taxes!

Trump is so dishonest..he's like Radnich. He can tell a complete lie and not even blink. When Trump says "Hillary started the birther talk,and I ended it"..Whaaaa? That's insane!..Crazy!  THAT was a Trump drum beat year after the sociopath is tired of it like it never happened?

Scary times when half of America thinks a con man is best to handle world affairs.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wells Fargo executives need to be taken to the highest tree...

Thieves in the Old West? Its how they were learned a lesson. Biblical.
Wells Fargo says "We take full responsibility" EXCEPT- NO OFFER TO RETURN STOLEN MONEY!
They looted me for close to a $1,000! was a shell game "We erased the charges" the Hayward downtown bank told me...until I got the next months statement.
Do you know I was hollering in the bank that  "Why they who do this all day cant close an account? Who's opening these accounts?"  The manager of the downtown bank got sweaty having an angry me in his face. "YOU DO THIS EVERY DAY!"..I told them that. Just apologys and bullshit is all I got.

I took my money out of Well's Fargo almost three years ago now. I have never been contacted by them to make good to return what they stole.
If their is a class action lawsuit? I'm going to be in on it.

You thought Radnich likes Steve? Watch Mondays 10pm sports..

I had it on the dvr.just watched it.  wow- Radnich was hostile to both Aveson and Viki.

Radnich did the usual Warrior and Durant thing,then launched into the 49ers woes...ok...

Then he ended it there. So,in the name of chit chat Aveson said "Dallas has a very good team this year".  Radnich- no smiles "If you say so knowing you having studied game films and reports"  Aveson sort of sat up straight,looked perplexed.
Viki Liviakis then broke the awkward silence: " You didn't mention the Raiders won".  Radnich looking P.O.d " Yes the Raiders won,so now we can end the sports segment on a upside instead of a 49er downer" ( something like that)..Viki like Steve looked like "What did I say?"

It must be true- Radnich must have a contract that makes him immune from being fired or taken of air..because he openly treats KRON co workers like dirt if the mood fits him.

Despite his name,he turned out normal.

Silvain Fagot,chief of Air France.
So,whats a name? Words cant hurt you? Imagine if he had grew up in this country. Just having that name could have ruined his life. The merciless teasing from the day he went to working..groups. It would have been hellacious.
In France he's well respected,never had a problem. Funny how life is..he hit the lotto being born in France,if he had been born in free America USA?,he might be a suicidal homeless person.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gary Radnich rips media for "Ignorant questions". So,why doesnt he show up and prove he knows?

The man who sits at home and wants to be called "Sports Director Uranus"? "Some 21 year old asks these terrible questions". Yeah,idiot- he's there to ask,Where are you? Where?
What kind of lame brain in the media rants against what he used to do when he once cared about sports? never got it. As usual.
That haircut he has? Just like a farm boy. Ma!

Stan's advice to Grant Lodes...

Try "Suspect".."Individual" maybe "Gentleman" when you do your talk report crime story instead of "The guy". I notice you say "The guy" or "That guy" on even serious news stories,not just a drunk who fell into the dugout.
I'm not a walking Thesaurus myself..but you come close to "That dude we showed you".

You do know the last TWO winters had have near average rainfall in the bay area don't you?

Its interesting that the local weather people get caught up in snowpack,snowpack,snowpack, they ignore that rains have been near normal and local native Tree's and shrubs are happy clams right now. Its EVERY year California goes dry in summer- right? So our local forests are not stressed that much. If you go by northwest California,rains have been very average and its green up there.

So,the story is ..yes,we need snowpack..but if California gets its water via rains in the future....we better stop that letting it run to sea malarkey. We need a new plan to expand reservoirs.

Water is life and death and quality of life. There is no quitting our water addiction. Bottled water? Hey- most company's use local aquifers! They aren't using Niagara water bottling it and trucking across the country to sell to you for 25 cents.
Nope,I draw the line at water. I need it.

80's stars in the 90's..

As I watch more of the series 90's on MTV..I noticed that the biggest stars of the 80's didn't do well just a few years later.  Springsteen? Nothing in the 90's worth a damn.  Madonna? She tried to go retro- bring back the 70's in the 90's. In styles- like the choke collar,the hair parted down the middle and the 70's eyebrows. That set up all the 90's Disco music she tried to sell. Nobody bought into it.
I hate retro. I hated in the 70's it was big to do 50's.
A few 80's stars held up. Tom Petty fit into the alt rock period perfect. Free Falling,Mary Jane's last Dance..good solid songs.
Mostly the 90's proved that a rock star usually has 5 good years,5 more years of singing hits that haven't become "old"..and then its over. For the rest of their lives.
Did you ever think "The Humpty Hump" would be a golden oldie?

Radnich hides from Kathy Heenan!

She filled in at 6...guess who didn't have the cajones to just stand there and do his sports? Instead he had the manly Mark Carpenter do the KRON sports.
He did return at 8:45 when SHE HAD LEFT THE BUILDING! What a weasel he is.Sniveling little weasel.
Radnich has a lot of Charlie Sheen in him.

Monday, September 26, 2016

All Blonds debate..

Even when it ended? The woman on the podium were blond with but one- Melanoma. What does that say?
It says what I already knew!

Radnich and Pamela Moore skip Mondays 6pm...what does it mean?

HE was at KNBR this morning.   Are they protesting something?..hmmm...
Hey- Kathy Heenan, Sherlock, is filling in for Moore...that might be why Raddy cant face her....update later...

Hillary Clinton wins debate smashing Trump!

Unless,you support Trump..then he crushed her like a cheap rusty tin can.

I wonder who are these millions that need to hear many debates to decide who to vote for? Who?

Holy crap Batman- 98F in Hayward!..Global Warming is on fire...

This might be the hottest day in years. Jesus,I grabbed the handle on the black screen door and it almost gave me a life long burn mark.
How do the desert or even valley people do it?
The sun feels like a laser beam.
Somebody somewhere in this heat is in a car that has no air con and painted black. "I wont need it",he thought when he bought. "Its the bay area"...something his cooking brain will repeat in the ER....

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Andrew Luck not a great QB. Good is all.

He's more Rich Gannon then Snake. Brodie rather than Montana. His arm is good..but not greatly accurate and nobody would say he has a cannon.
Somebody has to say it.

49ers just dont have talent. They lost with Harbaugh,Tomsula and now the Chipper.

They cant pass,they can't catch,they can't block. Keep going...
This team is either some huge trades away or more years of draft picks. Trent Balkee's record gets weaker by the week.
If I was Jed,I would be doing a Mark Davis..start getting input from old Niners as to who has GM guts and brains.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A year ago,Kap was partying with guys who drugged and raped a woman...Now- he's Che!

How soon they forget. Wasn't he just hanging out with gangsta party thugs types? How funny.

Radnich or Samuel L. Jackson- who's more black?

I was reading an interview with Samuel..and damn,he sounded like Radnich. It came to me. Since Radnich started his new act about the "brothers and sistas" a decade ago,..he's doing the caricature of the loud braggart black man. Ha!..that's it. The pimp car for 70 year old's,the talk...and as he gets older he's doing that shamelessly.

Blue Crush..beach blonds and reality.

So,I'm watching this movie with the Aryan dream girl.. a real blond with blue eyes and small tits and tiny buns. Tall and thin with flat as pancake hair parted down the middle. An eternal great look. Girly girl. None of that Pamela Anderson Baywatch silicone sister look and gobs of makeup.  No,the Blue Crush 20 year old is the real thing.
In the movie- I only watched some of it as it had soap opera written all over it- and she's living in a run down shack and living on junk food- mayo on processed meat. Just what it took to create her goddess body,right?
THEN, she jumps into her brand new Toyota Landcruiser,40 grand even in 2002 and drives it like its a beater car flying over ruts in Hawaii's jungles.
Well,after that I had to leave to do some business. The lesson is...people think movies are real. They are not.  Write that down.

Friday, September 23, 2016

1990's rock beautys fade...

I've been watching MTV's 90's...Man,was Brittney Spears smoking hot at 19? or was it 17?..Shania Twain,not a mark or wrinkle...Sheryl Crow,flawless. Toni Braxton..mocha hot-o. You know 20 years doesn't seem long ago..but everyone beautiful in 1990-99 couldn't hold off time. Mariah Carry was a different woman- face and nose and figure. Petite.
Like Kansas once said " Not a minute more will your money  buy" How true. You cant even rent or lease to stay young.

What is the highest ranking rock song in Billboards history?

Beatles? No.  Elvis? nope.  Stones!..nooooo.  Carlos Santana's "Smooth" from 1999. The top rock song of all time.
He's the most underrated Rock Star to ever walk on Earth.
Like Jim Plunkett as QB or Tom Flores as Head Coach, not recognized for his coaching achievements.
Gee,I wonder why?

KRON does very sad story before doing happy story..bad news direction.

Mark Danon did a story a couple of days ago of a two year killed in an accident..and he read it with some emotion that hit your gut...then they cut to Darya with a smile who then did some story of a puppy themed wedding,only I was still thinking of the death of the toddler.
Ok,not her fault at all,maybe nobody realized that Mark would reach viewers in his reading.  But,you know I'm still thinking about it.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

When will Pam Moore get the boot? that fake laugh from a fake person..

She's in hysterics with the Joker smile at everything Radnich says.

What a cruel world. To think I'm nicer to it then ...

Believe it or not,that's a fact. You live in a hood of dummies who are entertained by honking horns,screeching tires and lots of drugs and screaming obscene rap coming out of their POS's,then see how you write about them. Jesus- it even trickles down to youngest foul mouthed kids.
Now,when I'm in better areas? another world.
My next life.

More on Radnich and

"I want my kids to be there when I'm on my deathbed" says the Family Man director.  Yeah,all 9 of his kids because that wife of his isn't enough goodbye!..OR he figures,she will be busy adding up all the life insurance policies. "He better kick well before 5 pm Friday, I got's paperwork to turn in!"
Such love.....

Radnich needs to make kids because they must say they love him..

That's the feeling I got as he explained about making children at 60 or whatever he was and now uses a cane to walk with his 6 year old. Fun for him I bet.
Hey,if you cant get the world to say I love you..make kids. Its what so many young mothers do on welfare.

Dave is Darya,Darya is Dave.

Superimpose Dave's head on Darya's body and bingo!..its the same person.
No wonder Pero picked Dave out among the thousands...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Radnich trys to say my blog is a death threat.

About Kap's death threat? "I get somebody who writes down everything I say".. Whaa? That's a death threat??
He's a bottomless pit of stupid. Plus people love to read me point that out.

The things he tells himself,huh?

Uh let me remind,I caught KRON stalking me..never the other way around. Radnich even admitted yesterday that "I know about others (lurking) when they think I dont".  Yeah,you stalk for info or minions do it for you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brad,liberal. Angelina hard core conservative.

No wonder she wants a divorce. When woman get older with conservative beliefs?  They become over critical of anybody who doesn't meet their standards. Its why they make up a large part of the spinster population. No man is good enough.
Not even Brad "smokes a little weed" Pitt.

Don't you wish God would just kill you? OR let you win the lotto?..

C'mon do something ya lazy entity. Hey,God,think positive for once. Always with yer doom and gloom wars and pestilence. Then there's that always funny giving to others riches but not me or my closest friends who just might share.Tease. I hate a tease that wont follow up.

Its awfully polite of the Giants not to blame themselves, isn't it?

How white of them,as Duane Kuiper might say.

Pence loafs after fly ball..misses,game over.

Thats what the second half has fire. All the positive stoic BS after every loss. What happened to those famous Giant closed clubhouse pep talks,calling outs of lazy players? Nothing this year.
"We are all well paid..and been there done that" the vibe I get. No,nobody gets angry at a teammate on the Giants. Like doper heaven,everybody is stoned and mellow. And wealthy.

What really bothers me? Things that bother me.

If it doesn't bother me,I don't care or think about. Yet,so much intrusions into my bother zone when I'm trying to forget the stupidness all around.
I mean,there I am being as away from the hustle and hustlers of the world as best I can..they still find me. They inhabit my telephone..marketeers. They just surround me when driving. Its no coincidence that the worst most impolite drivers are in the areas with highest HS dropouts..not even those post alternative HS diploma things-lol.
I even resent that whereas most attractive woman like to be admired..some wear things that scream look at me,and when you do? They act all offended! Or some do the hand motions,the grab the neck motions like you are so not worthy..that bothers me!. Yeah, if it wasn't for the beauty's that flirt back,I would never even shoot a glance. But since they do, I do.
One day,I fall down and never get back up. You too.
That really bothers me. I probably will miss you more then I miss me.

When KRON folds up..whew,Good. No More Moore.

If I never heard her again...same for sucky donkey for money Darya. Sleeps well to the top. Moore's hair is almost yellow as she ages by the year. Miss battery acid can becomes a spokesperson for some South African hair dye company. A poster child. I bet she uses an umbrella in the hot SF sun so as to not get dark like "those people"...
We will never miss the married who has to eat Radnich ass,and the other just shouts the news ala Garret,how hick like can a local station get?

Under the thumb of the biggest dope in bay area media history...the man who's afraid to be in public he's so paranoid of his "fans" teaching him a lesson. So KRON is getting what it deserves.
A worse TV station has never existed.

Giants offensive Tweet. No mention in Chron,Eastbay times, KNBR. None..

"Bumgarner gets KKKike for third straight time" said the now deleted Tweet. You see where the so called social media is needed? Simple as that.

Giants Bochied to death. I told you...

They were 20 games over .500 in June- more or less- now they are fighting to finish above .500. No playoffs with a team that has near all time worst closer history.

Bochy killed this team this year. Yeah,its a long race..but he's pulled all the wrong buttons. Sergio Romo told the truth. Manage in the now,not in conservative "March into the cannon fire like men" bs that Bochy has pulled all year.  He's managing the horse cavalry in 1916 when the other side has aircraft.

Bochy is not the only one in history to lead with blinders on because "Its always worked before".

"Eastbay Times" blocks Stan..period.

First it was the Tim Kawakami only writings..then as of yesterday afternoon,I  "Discuss" became dead to me. It works on other sites.
It seems to me all it takes is one person to complain you made them look bad- article writer or poster- and theses sites just block you.
Its hard enough now on the internet to be heard then ever before. Unless all you have in you is vanilla.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Giants wont make the playoffs.

They don't have the guts. Only the nuts in ruts.

The effeminate Radnich..

"Oh,I would never boo at boys trying their best. Golly". said Radnich on KRON.  What a lie. He's as big a hater of everybody there is in the bay area. He's sure he's superior,why he doesnt do "follows" on Tweet for one example...that's his KRON thing that all around must suck into.

 Steve Aveson already worried about job security is groveling a bit too earnestly to Radnich.

 He don't boo? Its because he doesn't give a that's easy to figure.

But, Radnich who plies contrarian waters to make a living is next going to ask they soften baseballs "They are soooooo hard." "Somebody might get hurt as my daddy told me years ago"  said The KRON Gump.

He's pure idiot. Those pro's make millions. But, you,normal person, know that.

Bochy to start Cassila vs Dodgers. Huff to play second.

Bochy is loyal! more loyal to mediocre players then winning this year. He's got 3 rings,whats the big deal about 4? right?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Rebel on account of because...

Being that I usually see the unjustice of it all...I happen to be watching Thomas the choo choo train movie with a 5 year old. Russel Means is in it. The Native American activist who died in 2012.

So,I go to Google..and Did you know he went to San Leandro HS? in trouble and bounced around until he had no roof over his head. So,he went to find a place on a reservation.

The rest is history. What gets me is he never had a real profession,never worked at anything for long until the 1960's and protesting.  A lesson there.  You figure it out...then tell me.

Bochy being Bochy killing the GiANTS...

" I went with the stats" said Bochy about taking out Romo for Casilla.  Has Bruce seen the stats for "Crushing blown saves" that Casilla's has rung up?   At what point does Bruce go with reality?

Rocking Sunday...crank it up dude!

Here we gooooo...

Friday, September 16, 2016

San Francisco hits 68f!..Hayward 82f..our low is 60f.

I tell you we got the best weather...

Greg Papa: "Pence hits a line drive,the Giants are on the board". THAT was his HR call!!..weak!

Are you stired? lol..It was the WORST  HR call I ever heard. WORST!.

What next from Greg? "Pence hits the ball apparently over the fence. That is an additional run for the Giants"..Oh,fans will roar!

Greg Cosell wont criticize Mark or Shelly...

C'mon, He made it obvious he wont say a word about them thats negative.  We all know why.
Birds of a feather...

All the positive to the world? Im not really finding it..

Seems the older I get the less finding it I find...

Joe Hughs to caddy for raddy,babysit,wipe his ass too in 2028.

A bigger kiss ass I never heard.
Hey! 2028, Not only will Joe change raddy's grand kids diapers...he will be changing 80 year old Raddy's too!

Hi! I'm Gary Radnich for Mason McDuffy jocksniffing. After 24 years I endorse them.

"For the best Jocksniffing I prefer Mason McDuffy for all my sniffing needs." says Uncle Gary.
When KRON goes under? He will endorse anything...

Working for or with Radnich invokes the Stockholm syndrome.

You can see it. Lodes,Moore,Hughs..smiles as Radnich beats them down with insults year after year. Like blind zombies..they smile. Almost thankful he zinged them "Do it again"..even "I can hardly wait until you hurt me". Moore being the worst and most fanatical. I bet she now ignores Cathy Heenan.
I bet.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I think I had a bit of food poisoning..that pizza didnt smell right...

I knew I paid the price. A cheap frozen pizza too. Hey,I was really hungry.
Well,I later felt a terrific headache,got the shivers like it was arctic cold day...a half hour later I was sweating. A terrific stomach ache for days.

Unfortunately, I recovered. I got cheated of seeing "Blinding white tunnel of light".. no dead relatives to lead me with that pure peace feeling coming over me filling me with joy like chocolate truffle does. Or Rocky Road.

 I never got to hear the reason why the universe punchline to explain it all. Not even a laugh when I ask about "why fleas and Klan people?"

Nope,I'm back with the rest of you. Again.

What was Grant Lodes thinking when he had Gary Radnich ass pushed in his face?

I wonder what one of the newer kron anchors was thinking as he stood there seeing both Radnich cheeks up close and too personal?  "Is this how far I've sunk?" or "Its a living"?. "Baby must be fed" is most likely, poor guy.

Police catch punk who beat 88 year old woman..

He's like a clone of what I have had to fight with around here. They all look like him,think like him.
I wish  Hayward police could shoot them first..for no reason other then looking punkish and thief like. I bet 80% of the time they would be right. The other 20%? what an unlucky day-lol.
I can dream.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Duane Kuiper "Look at the beautiful white couple"..Nancy Reagan 1980 all over again.

There was an older ball boy on the first base side and older woman on the third base side.. a married couple I presume. Then,Kuiper says the title. Krukow said nothing.
Now,was it literal? or are there last names White?

I do know the way he said it and the deafening silence that followed reminded me of Nancy Reagan's famous quote attending an upscale even in Rosemont Ill.,1980, "Look at all the beautiful white faces".
Uh,sure Nance.

Giants do another pathetic display of hitting. Boo is right.

This one run a game crap is a team spoiled. No hustle,not even paying attention. The Giants deserve to lose.

Radnich had no interest in 49ers opening game.

All the other sports anchors were in Santa Clara. Radnich stayed on his couch.

This is the same guy who bragged he went to a Cubs game when on vacation,right?  Kreuger couldn't resist "When did you leave?"..Radnich admitted he left in the third inning. Why even go?

Its laughable he tries to pass working at 70 because "I love what I do". Sure,he loves the checks with least effort or interest in sports,to pay for the others half's spending.

Brain dead Giants..

Bochy goes with Strickland...Strickland is dumb as a log..then Posey oks 4 straight fastballs to SD's best fb hitter from a rookie pitcher?
The stupidity of S.F.

Last Fridays KTVU flashback to the good old news day.

I kind of dug it. Did you know Leslie Griffith was STILL lead anchor in 1999? huh,seemed longer than only 17 years.
Remember the Y2 thing? Computers the world over were going to shut down when everything went all 9's?..and of course nothing happened.

Speaking of the 90's..I noticed in watching the free cheapo movies on Comcast that in the 1990-1995 range more or less,there were a plethora of films about killer computer viruses. Amazingly large number with the premise.
You never see a single one anymore with a PC worry in it. People back in the dark ages actually thought a virus could leap off the 12" PC screen and kill!...well,at least thought we are getting close to that.  How stupid were they?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I want to put my Pajama's on and move to the Amazon....

You ever feel tired of the bay area noise,people and traffic? Just want to get away? I want to jump on a hobo train to the Amazon river. Live in the tropics.
More later..I got a bug..tired.

Radnich just taking KRON down with him.

He's pushing woman and children out of the way to get to his Bentboat first.

To say he does his sports segment minus any dignity or respect for co workers is an understatement that Captain Obvious refused to say ,because it was too obvious even for him...

Oh, but Radnich? Its the same old deal..don't give him the business because as we all know,he can dish it out,but he cant take it. He really believes his fantasy image of himself.

Hey,I wonder if the sexual- and including gay sexual innuendo- he was doing last night is part of his "Spiritual" and "Family man" Tweet world?

Sunday, September 11, 2016


wow,I thought it was 1970 or even SB 1977.  Carr just went from the dumps to the penthouse with that comeback.
You all did notice HE made the fade pass to Crabtree that Kap could not make? A beauty.

The Raiders need to stay in Oakland.  I encourage Mark to take up flying lessons for ,uh,winter games..going over the Sierra's in a storm.Nothing to it and Mark,think how much time you would save. Fun!

Yep,good thing 9/11 is on a Sunday.

Enough of it all day long on the all the media,the taps and all the rest.  Give people a rest.

KRON going under.. a re boot wouldnt hurt.

Let some future company actually take news serious or make KRON the local cartoon channel. Both would be an improvement.
I would think KRON employees must really hate Radnich by now.  All he adds is bad Karma and JuJu.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bikers now lane splitting to the extreme.

Already they think cars have no rights and MUST give way.. biker assholes.  You watch,soon their will be an increase in biker deaths. They are going well over the speed limit.
The bay area seems to have lost any way to stop speeding bikers. I never see one pulled over..I never see motorcycle cops in Hayward period.

Larry King a tool for Putin..

You did see that King is working for a Putin controlled TV network based in Moscow didn't you?
I never did get why he was ever popular. Who put him on air with his own talk show or how a swindler like King was given a free pass to fame and fortune to begin with.
He was no better then anybody else. Worse,he's a lifetime con artist.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Joe Hughs "Yes daddy raddy,I would be proud to drive you!" giggle ,giggle.

Keep working another decade without a raise you suck up. Kate has more cajones then you will ever have.

North Korea to nuke San Francisco. You watch.

Seattle might be closer..but SF is an icon and closer then Los Angeles. So, SF better have plenty of anti intergalactic missile defense plans. And hurry.

ps..That crazy country hacked a Hollywood Studio. ..California is it.

The Universe is a vampire.

It is.  Get used to dog eat dog who treat all else like dogs and worse. It also will only get worse too. Not better,ever.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kneeling for the anthem is the new spikeing the football...

The new high five,the new back flip,the get me.

Tolbert and Lund show is terrible.

If Tom likes having Lund he's fooled me. I hear a person that can just barely stand to listen to his little screechy life partner-lol.
Its strange to hear Tolbert like that...Ratto on back to Ralph,it was fine.
I think Lund is too metrosexual for Tolbert.  Papa? He looves kinky...

Goddamn Fucking Wells Fargo. Mother fuckers should be in prison.

A 25 dollar per customer settlement? They STOLE 20 time that amount from me,always saying they would pay me back for some account I never asked for.
It took almost a year and leaving those thieves to stop it. NOTHING..not EVEN yelling at them in the bank ended what they were doing.
I think the USA should have put them out of business. What the hell is 25 bucks per person ???
If I ever meet a Wells Fargo exec in a dark alley... He will be one UnWell Fargo.

For fun,lets try a list of Radnich sctick that makes people hate him..

Until Obama ran for President he was the usual funny guy...then he went gonzo and egotistical with almost no boundary's.
So lets go...
Pam,you always were a 3rd or 4th tier anchor...
So,I'm sweating in my personal sauna thinking about my Bentley..
I always carry a wad of cash.
I would never do social media or commercials. I have my standards...
A great sports host,welcome Sid Rosenberg..
I like my woman white or black- nothing in between...
You don't need a union if you get a real job...
Stanley Roberts is a snitch.
If Rob Black knew how to invest money why would he need KRON?..
I love Rush Limbaugh,my wife too. Same for Mike Savage...
Asians? If you just don't like some people you just don't like them.
So many white men in sportsmedia? That's just the way it is...
Depression? What does Jerry West have to be depressed about?
I only sit in front court seats.
Vanessa- come here and show us how to twerk.
You're Jewish? I guess that means you'll buy this building soon..

And more!...

Radnich raised two familys ripping people- he's the last to know!

Once again,he plays both sides to live with himself. Hilarious to hear him accuse others as rippers. What denial pills is he taking?

He thinks Kate Scott left his show because she couldn't handle the love?....or Cathy Heenan?

Eastbay Times pretty much killing off the comments section.

They either have no comment section to a story- for who knows what reason- or,they now "moderate" for no known reason.
I even got a 403 from Discuz trying to comment on the Giants. It figures,since that franchise does everything it can to get local outlets to ban non Giant groupies.
Truth is hard on the local writers too. Now anything Tim Kawakami writes for the times? No comment sections. Unless,its his blog where he blocks everybody.
He now can go back to his world of man love for Billy Beane thinking nobody knows.

Steve Aveson laughs hard at everything Radnich says. Very hard.

He's loudest laugher..and clapper in the room.  I wonder when Radnich will get it?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

91f today in Stanville.

Hayward was -is- cooking. Nice for a day. I noticed early today it was warm in the shade- a rarity in the inner bay area.
As I have said a few times I like 80f...we have lots of temps in that range all summer. It gets you going,isn't oppressively hot. You don't need to even use the air in the house even as Bougainvillea are in full bloom. A great golden mean temperature.

Sheryl Crow says times have changed...

"Woman now have to project sex to sell".  What? I was just watching 1994's "All I wanna do" on  MTV 90's..and she spent that whole vid licking her teeth,rolling big blue eyes in a skirt to her ass..and I take all that as sexy myself.
The things people tell themselves...

Whats changed is that Sheryl Crow is now 54.

  To think I remember having a sort of crush on somebody back then who I gave the smoooooth line of  "You're hair looks like Sheryl Crow's".  I had better looks,less confidence. She had a thing for me too..

Radnich is best taken on radio..

He has toned it down most on Radio. On KRON,he cant seem to resist to give to people he knows wont comeback at him.
On radio? He knows that pushing the Kruger button can get dangerous- to him. KRON? phhft. A bunch of civilized people. They suffer with smiles.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Once Casilla's gets in a jam? He can't get out of it.

A really bad trait..but once the other teams get a runner on..Casilla's is going to cave. The Cubs game proved that once again. It also shows,he's all fastball that isn't 100mph either. Wait until he grooves one..or he walks you. Can't get out of it? Heck,it just snowballs with that guy..wild pitches, composure at all.

Buster Posey,king of weak ground ball outs..

I said that weeks ago. I was watching the post game show yesterday and Rich Aurilia came out and said "Buster is hitting too many grounders because he's trying to pull everything,not swinging to the opposite field like he used to"
THAT my friends is what I read it Giant fans here first.
See,what happens is that when a players makes big money it convinces him he's right about everything. A hitting coach doesn't even bother to bother Posey. He's Buster.
One hit in four games vs the Cubs and it was a dribbler. Yeah,depend on that to hit over .300 again.

Kap and I should move to Australia. No slums on the continent nation.

I read that Australia has no run down tenements,no ghettos or barrios or chinatown's. If you black brown or yellow you live with with white .
Sure some-some not all- aborigine live in less they average conditions. But it said that those don't compare to the squalor of other first world countries. As far as third world? nothing at all like that. No hillside shanty towns festering in crime and lost hopes.
I think Kap and I could pass as some kind of Aborigine mix...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

You notice being right doesnt seem to end the argument anymore?

Most of my arguments revolve around,I'm right,they aren't. Its amazing in this day and age how that doesn't matter. Something about modern culture that has made spin work its way down to day to day arguments. The other side can't lost lose if proof isn't enough.  They just keep going on and on. If they say more..its a win for them they figure.

Radnich wifes skips Friday. I take a guess as to why..

He's been going on air talking about how cheap she is and how right wing she likes her talk show host.
Didn't Stern's ex wife complain that he told too much of their life?
So,maybe she's not hot to do Fridays anymore.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I saved a life,maybe.

I'm cleaning the front yard and in the empty lot next door I notice a body lying on its side,in the sun in dirt and dry weeds. Long gray hair and arms flailing away..slowly.
To make a long story short I call 911,and they help what turned out be an old caucasian woman -probably drunk.
At that age,every drunk they go on could be there last.
They took her to a place where she should get a good meal or two,a shower. Like everybody else.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Steve Aveson better learn= Pam Moore is just as evil as Radnich.

She is never going take his side. I noticed he's sort of expected her to follow his lead. She didn't. Pam Moore is for Pam Moore and never forget that. Whatever need she feels for a buddy,it aint from anybody but those that can help her keep that job at her age. Like Radnich and his scheming,spending right wing wife can.
Pam Moore likes to put out that she's angelic..but I've seen her laugh too hard at Radnich putdowns of some good bay area people. Put downs..not teases of some friend. They weren't his friends was the point.
So Steve..wise up. She's cold as ice and sweet as Anti Freeze. The choice of poison for the best killers...

Stan has proof who Kap's real dad is. PHOTO PROOF!

Mungo Jerry.

Deport Mexicans to New Mexico!..problem solved.

We named a whole state for them.

You notice Trump never says deport Mexicans from New Mexico?.hmm,

More on Comcast funny business..

I unplugged the box for a half hour...then all the channels came back.   But- why did they get buggy? Just the sports channels,2,5, and kron?
Sure,unplugging and re setting it worked. Only for those channels. Mysterious...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Comcast fucks up my 49er/Giant/Raiders game. No picture.

You think Comcast wants to torture me? Funny how so many sports games and times,this box "goes out"
2,4,5 Comcast 720..all out. All other channels in.

What a fantastic coincidence. I can hardly wait to get back to DISH next year.

What next? I find out they've been listening to me through the talking remote control? Or maybe Comcast it will be found has a camera in ever box...they watch you watch.

Its trust in them.

Hey get this at 8:45- now that the Giants game is over? 720 is working fine. 2 and 5 the football games? STILL OUT.
Mysterious huh?

Its been a cool,cool, summer Bananarama...

May was cool,June and July more normal..then back to a cold August.  Funny how in other parts of the country there is never any of that. In the midwest and east and southeast..summers are hot. Plain and simple.
In our central valley and deserts...are hot. Always.

But the bay area? Its a guessing game. Some years full of fog..I hate those. Some years almost like soucal ..lots of 80's and clear long summer days. The drought summers were like that. Very little fog.
I see September should return to 80f here in Hayward..but I still feel cheated out of a nice warm "best case" summer.

Gary Radnich thought of a new comeback..that shuts up...uh,nobody.

"I think to myself,would I rather be me or the critic writing about me?"..oh good one Gary. You are a regular Martin Shkreli,heck even a Manson or Hitler. Yes,you have the money and them.

Ah man,Scott McGrew taken off the 11am KNTV news. Bummer.

One of the few normals to do the news in the bay area is now only part of the 11 am KNTV newscast. Somebody name Brock replaces him. Brock has a chosen life..nobody knows who he is but last year he was on the list of highest paid local media people. Go figure why.
Chris Sanchez looks even hotter now then when she started is the only upside to continue on KNTV.  I bet at the PTA meetings the other moms hubbies are hitting on her all the time.

Darya just needs to go blondy, period.

She now realizes I was right..her old look was fine 12-35. Now,she's well past that. Also..her eyebrows need a different arc. What she has doesn't fit her. Too masculine. She thickened them..but the arc isn't right and maybe too short.
The blondy highlights is good,looks good. But,all blond with lighter blond would look better. And not so flat on top.

Like in have to adjust to keep a head of the cagey pitcher,Darya needs to adjust to keep ahead of old Father time- a mean bastard. He plays for keeps to the very end.

Aveson and Radnich, Keep playin those miiiind games forevuh....

As John Lennon once sang. Its to the point where double entendre's rule since they just can't come out and say I think yer a jerk.