Tuesday, September 27, 2016

80's stars in the 90's..

As I watch more of the series 90's on MTV..I noticed that the biggest stars of the 80's didn't do well just a few years later.  Springsteen? Nothing in the 90's worth a damn.  Madonna? She tried to go retro- bring back the 70's in the 90's. In styles- like the choke collar,the hair parted down the middle and the 70's eyebrows. That set up all the 90's Disco music she tried to sell. Nobody bought into it.
I hate retro. I hated in the 70's it was big to do 50's.
A few 80's stars held up. Tom Petty fit into the alt rock period perfect. Free Falling,Mary Jane's last Dance..good solid songs.
Mostly the 90's proved that a rock star usually has 5 good years,5 more years of singing hits that haven't become "old"..and then its over. For the rest of their lives.
Did you ever think "The Humpty Hump" would be a golden oldie?