Saturday, September 24, 2016

Blue Crush..beach blonds and reality.

So,I'm watching this movie with the Aryan dream girl.. a real blond with blue eyes and small tits and tiny buns. Tall and thin with flat as pancake hair parted down the middle. An eternal great look. Girly girl. None of that Pamela Anderson Baywatch silicone sister look and gobs of makeup.  No,the Blue Crush 20 year old is the real thing.
In the movie- I only watched some of it as it had soap opera written all over it- and she's living in a run down shack and living on junk food- mayo on processed meat. Just what it took to create her goddess body,right?
THEN, she jumps into her brand new Toyota Landcruiser,40 grand even in 2002 and drives it like its a beater car flying over ruts in Hawaii's jungles.
Well,after that I had to leave to do some business. The lesson is...people think movies are real. They are not.  Write that down.