Thursday, September 29, 2016

KNBR ratings,down,down,down....bad pairings..

I wonder per show how much of Tolberts 8 share is long gone?  I doubt who he lost went to the 95.7game..maybe they just stopped listening to sports? KCBS time. Driven to news.

I would say Tolbert and Lund is about as good a fit as Radnich and Bruce..without the acrimony. Another bad pairing on a lower level was Monty and Dibley- remember that?

Eric Davis was paired with the Rat on that sports station that quit after two years. One time Davis got so mad I thought them two were going to go at it. Eric took any slights about players he knows personal. The Rat of course was just doing normal sports talk.

Papa is lost in space right now..its like he don't trust talking about his most vile inner sexual taboo's with John Dickerson like he did John Lund,lol. With the Dick,he's uncomfortable talking about Dophins and blow up dolls.

Dickerson isn't bad at sports talk by the way- he's good..its like he's just had bad luck in not getting a permanent gig or good co host.

KNBR? well..if yer not into that morning zoo thing 100%..its not part of the routine. Fitz and Brooks always sound like an infomercial selling baloney,no need to stay listening to them ever. But Tolbert was their he's a rock crumbling. As soon as Lund opens his mouth..a pick chips off more of Tolbert.