Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Last Fridays KTVU flashback to the good old news day.

I kind of dug it. Did you know Leslie Griffith was STILL lead anchor in 1999? huh,seemed longer than only 17 years.
Remember the Y2 thing? Computers the world over were going to shut down when everything went all 9's?..and of course nothing happened.

Speaking of the 90's..I noticed in watching the free cheapo movies on Comcast that in the 1990-1995 range more or less,there were a plethora of films about killer computer viruses. Amazingly large number with the premise.
You never see a single one anymore with a PC worry in it. People back in the dark ages actually thought a virus could leap off the 12" PC screen and kill!...well,at least thought we are getting close to that.  How stupid were they?