Friday, September 30, 2016

Radnich and his bullshit maudlin Dad stories.

Look,I've known this guy to claim "So and So is a good friend of mine" - even though the truth is that guy hated Radnich. Also,how many people does Radnich hate and backstabbed that he claims are his (Emerald Yee for one) good close pal? ..LOL, he's such a liar..hearing those father stories he makes up remind me of that one he told last week- about the bum that gave him a punchline "It should be 100 dollah's boss!"..I know Radnich thought that bit up shaving and tried to pass it off as real. I know it.

If anything, Radnich Dad probably was irritated at the son who thought he was a college pimp,and told him "Dance when you act like a clown if you want to be paid,jackass".
THAT sounds more like the truth then the embellished if not made up crap Radnich puts out there.
Hey,he lies about everything. Why not his dad? Get real.