Friday, September 30, 2016

Radnich stories about his dad sound like bullshit..

I listened. As somebody who knows that guys mind? He would not hesitate to lie with some made up stories of dad-son.  Probably the truth is, his Dad smacked Radnich around and was a Al Davis to Mark Davis...and why Radnich is so insecure and worships wealth.
I'm telling to you the truth..

Oh- Radnich once again brought up the promoted Rocky Marciano- ALI fight he  pulled off in the 70's "Computer generated"   Radnich never mentions- never- that he fixed it so that Marciano knocks out probably the greatest black fighter who ever walked the Earth!
Radnich wanted to make the paying- to- see- the- fight- white man, happy. As Radnich would say  "The brothers want to sneak in,not pay"..God, do I know him or what?