Monday, September 19, 2016

The effeminate Radnich..

"Oh,I would never boo at boys trying their best. Golly". said Radnich on KRON.  What a lie. He's as big a hater of everybody there is in the bay area. He's sure he's superior,why he doesnt do "follows" on Tweet for one example...that's his KRON thing that all around must suck into.

 Steve Aveson already worried about job security is groveling a bit too earnestly to Radnich.

 He don't boo? Its because he doesn't give a that's easy to figure.

But, Radnich who plies contrarian waters to make a living is next going to ask they soften baseballs "They are soooooo hard." "Somebody might get hurt as my daddy told me years ago"  said The KRON Gump.

He's pure idiot. Those pro's make millions. But, you,normal person, know that.