Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wells Fargo executives need to be taken to the highest tree...

Thieves in the Old West? Its how they were learned a lesson. Biblical.
Wells Fargo says "We take full responsibility" EXCEPT- NO OFFER TO RETURN STOLEN MONEY!
They looted me for close to a $1,000! was a shell game "We erased the charges" the Hayward downtown bank told me...until I got the next months statement.
Do you know I was hollering in the bank that  "Why they who do this all day cant close an account? Who's opening these accounts?"  The manager of the downtown bank got sweaty having an angry me in his face. "YOU DO THIS EVERY DAY!"..I told them that. Just apologys and bullshit is all I got.

I took my money out of Well's Fargo almost three years ago now. I have never been contacted by them to make good to return what they stole.
If their is a class action lawsuit? I'm going to be in on it.