Tuesday, September 20, 2016

What really bothers me? Things that bother me.

If it doesn't bother me,I don't care or think about. Yet,so much intrusions into my bother zone when I'm trying to forget the stupidness all around.
I mean,there I am being as away from the hustle and hustlers of the world as best I can..they still find me. They inhabit my telephone..marketeers. They just surround me when driving. Its no coincidence that the worst most impolite drivers are in the areas with highest HS dropouts..not even those post alternative HS diploma things-lol.
I even resent that whereas most attractive woman like to be admired..some wear things that scream look at me,and when you do? They act all offended! Or some do the hand motions,the grab the neck motions like you are so not worthy..that bothers me!. Yeah, if it wasn't for the beauty's that flirt back,I would never even shoot a glance. But since they do, I do.
One day,I fall down and never get back up. You too.
That really bothers me. I probably will miss you more then I miss me.