Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When KRON folds up..whew,Good. No More Moore.

If I never heard her again...same for sucky donkey for money Darya. Sleeps well to the top. Moore's hair is almost yellow as she ages by the year. Miss battery acid can becomes a spokesperson for some South African hair dye company. A poster child. I bet she uses an umbrella in the hot SF sun so as to not get dark like "those people"...
We will never miss the married anchors..one who has to eat Radnich ass,and the other just shouts the news ala Garret Morris..wow,how hick like can a local station get?

Under the thumb of the biggest dope in bay area media history...the man who's afraid to be in public he's so paranoid of his "fans" teaching him a lesson. So KRON is getting what it deserves.
A worse TV station has never existed.