Tuesday, September 27, 2016

You do know the last TWO winters had have near average rainfall in the bay area don't you?

Its interesting that the local weather people get caught up in snowpack,snowpack,snowpack, they ignore that rains have been near normal and local native Tree's and shrubs are happy clams right now. Its EVERY year California goes dry in summer- right? So our local forests are not stressed that much. If you go by northwest California,rains have been very average and its green up there.

So,the story is ..yes,we need snowpack..but if California gets its water via rains in the future....we better stop that letting it run to sea malarkey. We need a new plan to expand reservoirs.

Water is life and death and quality of life. There is no quitting our water addiction. Bottled water? Hey- most company's use local aquifers! They aren't using Niagara water bottling it and trucking across the country to sell to you for 25 cents.
Nope,I draw the line at water. I need it.