Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You thought Radnich likes Steve? Watch Mondays 10pm sports..

I had it on the dvr.just watched it.  wow- Radnich was hostile to both Aveson and Viki.

Radnich did the usual Warrior and Durant thing,then launched into the 49ers woes...ok...

Then he ended it there. So,in the name of chit chat Aveson said "Dallas has a very good team this year".  Radnich- no smiles "If you say so knowing you having studied game films and reports"  Aveson sort of sat up straight,looked perplexed.
Viki Liviakis then broke the awkward silence: " You didn't mention the Raiders won".  Radnich looking P.O.d " Yes the Raiders won,so now we can end the sports segment on a upside instead of a 49er downer" ( something like that)..Viki like Steve looked like "What did I say?"

It must be true- Radnich must have a contract that makes him immune from being fired or taken of air..because he openly treats KRON co workers like dirt if the mood fits him.