Monday, October 31, 2016

Alicia John Baptiste.

Whatever she's saying Im no or yes an "H"? ok.

They really know who men listen too,them advertisers.

Kristin Sze getting sexier by the day..

She's got her Halloween orange and black and sexy shoes. She much bustier then she was years ago. Whatever the cause-- good move Kristin.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Warriors are ok..but far from a great team.

They will always be a playoff team with the big four together. But put fear into the other team they dont do.
One thing I don't like? They are a dull team to watch. None of that 2014 electricity. Where you never wanted to miss a single minute of any game.
Either I'm snobbish..or I'm right.

In any event,that could change. For the now? dull man. Dull.

Stan tells off 5 year girl. "Well,goody,goody,gumdrops" I said with dripping,vicious, snarkyism.

She said instantly beaming and smiling  " I'm a good drop!"
I cant make up what she says.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Cub's el foldo makes Bochy's choke even worse...

It pretty much shows what we all felt..the Giants were going to take down the Cubs.  Except for Bochy who in his greatest moment of hubris and vanity ended the team's season.

Moore at another bay area station? No chance. Nobody wants Radnich leftovers.

True. The other stations in the bay area don't want that infecting what they have going- that's anything KRON doesn't. Do they want to hear her make excuses? Or be in denial?..everyday?
What old kroners that have latched on? Other then Vern who after 20 years and more I can see. KTVU must have had a brain cramp..and their current status proves that to hire the Apple Bomber. He brings nothing but greasy hair and the personality of an accountant. Or banker. Oh,what he radiates!
Cathy Heenan could get hired on. The rest are Googling best areas to live in Fargo. Living is cheap there I hear.

FBI director should be fired. The "Hanging Chad " director..

He couldn't be more obvious in his intent. Fire the bum.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Radnich instigates Steve Aveson to take a zinger at Britt Shipp.

Coming out of a commercial Aveson asks sort of rhetorical weather questions to Britt,but what Steve looking at the camera and asking didn't notice- Britt and Pam Moore were paying him no attention..that led Brittney to ask Steve "What did you say?"..and she and Moore- the rotten Moore- just laughed so hard. It was so funny to make the white man look dumb written all over it.
SO Radnich seeing that...later during sports did a fantastically unfunny bit that Steve pays attention to HIS stories while Pam does not ,yada yada. Just to remind people that Steve had been trashed a few minutes earlier- what a pal that Radnich is huh?
By this time..Aveson took the bait. "You mean like Britt paid no attention to me?".  From the dark shadows the KRON weatherwoman shouted "I like that". What does that mean? Who knows?.  Moore got that look on her face to try and get to another subject fast as she can.

I think Radnich as a kid abuses animals. Or worse. He's just not going to let a moment go by if he can play big Raddy and rub something in.
I warned you Steve. He's rotten,she's evil and nobody loves her like herself. She hates real men. And why she loves Radnich. That's not a put down,that's the truth.

I want to write a song where I can sing the words "My friends"...I dunno why.

Any song where they sing that? Sounds deep. I want to be deep in you. So to speak.

Kap not wearing beats headphones and World Series on the edge of total boredom.

Ever since he went socialist Kap hasn't been seen wearing those stupid oversized headphones. Or- "The Beats" company dropped him? So much for brotherhood.
6-0? If today is another no drama Obama game..losing interest by the inning.

Mama said knock you out!!

See? One of the few rap songs I like..and Raddys show never plays a bumper of it. That's just plain evil.

77f just like Sunset Strip...

Warm in Hayville. We got the nicest bay area weather,the great water,some very nice scenery. So where did we go wrong?

No such thing as a team with Radnich.Not even team Radnich. Its just Radnich.

I notice he drops in that kind of propaganda "Take my jokes and barbs for the team". SO far only Pamela Moore has accepted unconditional punching bag love. She thinks it great- but it sets woman back a century.
Kate Scott,Diane Tuazon and Kathy Heenan left that garbage behind. Britt's Ship steers her bow clear of Mr. Tump's jock supporter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Radnich BS and Brian Wilson...

I was thinking of Wilson the Giants former star relief pitcher. A bit off,eccentric,outside the box. He even had a Comcast show for more fun.
ALL RADNICH DID WAS RIP THE GUY.   Radnich,who spends a lot of time complaining about people who hold themselves these days on KRON or KNBR, when not getting a "robot" sports report,never seems to be very open to somebody different himself. Wilson was phony, was "look at me",his show had the same premise,same jokes Radnich whined for 2 or 3 years that Wilson was on top.
Radnich started off the same way to Zito. UNTIL..he the day he found that Zito was a card carrying contributor to Republicans like Georgy Bush. From the day he heard that? Zito was greatest guy ever!
See? If Radnich had gone along with Wilson,showed some respect, enjoyed he's not a Baer clone? I could find Radnich claims about himself to maybe be possible. Instead he's a phony.
Hypocrite, phony, and a compulsive and habitual liar. That's what he is.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Anybody watching local PBS? They have NOTHING that interests me.

Ever since KQED bought ch 54...KTEH or whatever its called now..just shows English programs that are of no interest to Americans. Although I get that the Atherton,maybe Danville crowd love all the pomp and such those programs have airs too.  Is that what PBS has become? elitist TV?  You watch those shows to wet your appetite for world wide travel?...that you can actually do while the rest of us can not?
That's what I see they are pandering too. Nothing educational or worth a tax write off to donate to.

Whats hilarious? The BBC would go broke if it put those same English programs on the American BBC TV. So, they show Star Trek!

I would love to see something that fits the bay a garden show that features the exotic plants that can be grown here,not more about "organic produce" a subject that's filled with lies anyways. Something about bay area wildlife..just something quality!

Day after day.. THREE PBS channels of programming..none worth a damn.

Mike Honda: I funded a half million gray Tits" !..Good for older ladies? Woo-hoo!

I played it back over and over. "I funded a half million gray Tits!"..What a man!

...i wonder what he really said if in clear English?

Radnich now starting with the Steve Aveson jokes on KNBR...

I heard it before...the progression from "funny" bits about what the "eh,he's a nice guy" quoting Radnich, anchorman "That guy was an idiot" in a few years. lol. Or weeks...

Darya ignoring all election talk on "The World according to"

Biggest news around...She's not asking her other half to tell us about the Donald. You know he sent Don $500. Because he loves that fabulous man.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

This blog is rigged!

Republicans wacko righto's somehow wrestled control of that party..and you get a Donald Trump as yer candidate. Crazy.his own inner delusions and self centered view of the world is fine when he's the boss of a company that goes under and he can blame others. But,PUSA???..
I would say he would hi jack our government if he had the chance.
Sarah Palin and Trump - the voice of the new Republican party..and Gary and Alicia Radnich. Wacko's!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Root for the Las Vegas Raiders tomorrow?

Sort of takes the fun out of watching this team. They aren't dead to me because the deal isn't sealed. When it is? Who then gives a damn about them? I hope then that they lose every game and every player breaks his neck right up to the owner. That might make things even Stevens.

Stanford has 98 pound weakling offensive line.

I've never seen a line so easy to push backwards...

Pamela Moore throws $60,000 party. Because she likes to party thats why.

Radnich said the food was great too. Nancy Sinatra sang about boots. Wow,who would have guessed the person that treats those at Starbucks as peons would enjoy decadent,lavish, parties? Who?

Friday, October 21, 2016

Phillippines president? pray he gets taken out...

He's nuts. Its one thing to be power crazy- it's another for an elected President to just blurt out he's going to destroy his country's base. He's ISIS in Tagalog.
The people have noticed- he's done nothing to end corruption...he's just worked at making himself the most corrupt of all.

Radnich uses umbrella in the S.F. sun. He doesnt want to get dark!

Irony..and figures too. Then you have his anti liberal,anti progressive spoiled wife with her OCD. Yeah,they are as dysfunctional as yer typical American family-lol.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I was walking through the park...

And a pair of woman- a bit older then me walked by,one struck up a conversation with me. Right off the bat she had her hands on my arms and shoulder.
She said she lived down the street. We chatted a bit more,she told me how handsome I was. ...

What a great warm fall day...78f?

Mark Tamayo says,In Mark I believe. I did some planting of my drought tolerant plants. Winter rains is all they will need. If I had kept them potted...they would still need watering.
I take the chance of putting them out...

How much does Radnich hate having to work at 70? He's wearing sandals on the set!

He's just so sick of being a sports anchor,he's just doing slob work now. No shaving some days and yesterday he did the sports in Flip Flops. That's not "I do what I want around here" That's I have no respect for what I do and now watch me eat a greasy burger and chew while I do the scores.

It also speaks volumes about KRON's soon to be coming demise.

You just watch.. "Hi! I'm Gary Radnich for Depends- my best friend!"...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Laura Kawakami Anthony blocks me. Huh,here I defended her.

How's that for massive ego? I agreed with her about evil pit bulls...she blocked me. I take that Laura has airs of grand self importance. She's the nun that wants to rap your knuckles..because she just doesn't like you.
Well,she wont last much longer at KGO. She needs to move on to do the news for the Piedmont Montclair Belvedere-we name our children Chase and Buffy- Express. There she can put that nose as high as the sky.

Donald Trump for President. What an insane idea.

He's all for totally changing the government I'm sure. To what, even he doesn't know. You don't know. But I think he's capable of anything- shut down the economy if Congress doesn't give him what he wants. No negotiating with the Donald. I'm sure of that too.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is the Universe a computer program?

No. But its like the newest fad in science to be near a religion. It goes that look at we have done since the 1980's and pong- to the best CGI and computer power. Imagine they say some other civilization that could take that exponential growth for CENTURY'S.that would be like trillions of times more powerful computers then now.
No Human could tell the difference it goes on,between a program and Original Gangtsa Unie. So to speak.
I mean,think of how many times in your life it felt like something big had set you up. Usually to fail,sometimes to succeed. Its not just me..look at the movies when a character looks up at the sky and asks why that? now?..Why????!   It seemed beyond chance. I felt that one.
I've heard the argument that at all times everything in the Universe is there is no such thing as..well,a program. Chance even in following the unbreakable laws of the universe that stop everything from happening all at once. That would be a pretty random Universe or really nothing but bouncing balls until the end of time.
THAT would be really boring for a programmer..Oops!..That might be a case for it after all....

Steve Aveson running to the dark side...

I guess the more you point out he's pretty much whipped to the point he just occasionally stands his ground..and even then it seems more blurted then a stand.
I guess KRON brass worked him over and over of the us vs them they use as an excuse to let Radnich toy with adults.
He's now one of them.
I'm not doing any intervention.

ps- The walk became a run almost to the day 414 Media called Aveson fake.

Stan on the making of hot chocolate.

I've yet to try any brand that made a decent cup of chocolate on one package or the recommended amount per cup (Ovaltine) of hot chocolate.
I take TWO packages of any good brand per cup,AND I add a couple of teaspoons of sugar or even Equal- the fake sugar.
To make it even richer? Add cream or Cremora. Also- Instant Nescafe Coffee,makes a great combo.

Stay away from Swiss Miss...that stuff is evil. Always tastes rancid.

What I have learned from the internet and partys I go to...

I'm the only,uh,eccentric in this world Everybody- ALL 7 BILLION people are normal. All of them tell me that. They go out of their way to tell me that.
Everything about them is normal. Everything. Everything they know,want,have,did,or will ever do...normal.

I really hit the unique jackpot huh? I can't believe how lucky I am.

Mark Davis, the rotten apple doesnt fall far from the rotten tree.

Greedy like his father,no loyalty to anybody but themselves- but laughably want total loyalty from minions and sycophants and-- taxpayers!
The whole Davis family burned up any Oakland love they might have had-DID have for decades.

They left for Los Angeles,came back by ripping off children in Oakland's grammar schools.
Just go and die in Vegas. Learn to fly an airplane and take John Fisher and Lou Wolfe and Billy Beane with you on your first flight.
Don't forget- Mark Davis lives in Los Angeles.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Blogging is fun..when you get it right..

Its why I do it now pretty much. If I was wrong over and over? it would be dull and boring to me and interest. Since I get things figured out long before the rest of the world? I might as well keep doing it.
Did I predict Trump and his woman trouble or what?  ha. If I predict the end of the world?..pack yer bags,start hitting yer bucket list.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Warriors last chance to be a sports Viagra and Prozac for the bay area fan.

No reason to live.
Well,I might be embellishing.

Raiders suck a pickle, Kosher or not, at home...always.

Something still wrong deep in Raider org. Players at home just get stupid,the tackling is always man vs boy and the other team's man just runs over Oakland. 3rd and 19 for KC and they ran...for 21 yards. Something backwards,amateurishly wrong for that to happen.
Ken Jr. might be a nice guy...but he can't NFL level coach.

Why is there a need for pickles to be Kosher?

It sounds catchy "Kosher pickles" and when you put the word "Kosher" next to the word "Pickles" and that's just double funny. But it turns out no Rabbi held up a batch of pickles,blessed them and then tossed them in a jar with a dutiful,knowing smile.
Nope,just means it was grown so that no bugs are mixed in. Ok,that's pretty much standard USA law.
I guess in the old country for century's it was hard to get produce without a crushed cricket or something ga-ross in the leafs.
I guess its just an older 11 herbs and spices in yer KFC type slogan.

Nothing is really original!

Kap a taller, blacker, Gabbert.

No real improvement. Kap missed them high,missed them low,missed in between. Threw ducks.
Harbaugh was the best thing to ever happen to Kap. But,I think even Harbaugh got all he could from Kap and knew he was never going to do better.
So the 49ers need a new QB.  And everything else.

Bay Area winters have change..

I DO have a real honest to goodness Papaya- and it has some small fruit on it. It just amazes me to look at it.
I remember back in 1968 in grammar school, "skating" on ice at the school's field. Frozen lawn water. In 1972 the huge GREAT freeze that lasted not hours- but the whole frikkin month of December. Coldest year of my young life. I just remember green plants all around turned brown. The News,Eyewitness or the like,showing all the dead Eucalyptus in the Berkeley hills.
1990..Water pipes burst, Hayward had its coldest day ever,24f  But you was only 10days of cold,not a month like 1972. And ever since,those arctic fronts have packed less punch and for a shorter duration. Its down to 6 days or less as in 2007.

The last three years have not had any long cold..just a night of frost here and there. With drought year or rainy. That's what gets me..even when we had near average wasn't very cold.

Science changed its San Francisco bay area climate rating. We went from a 9b in my a 10a and even 10b in parts of the urban bay area. Same rating as most of soucal.

Its why Papaya and Mangoes are now inching into the the bay area.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ah,I wanted to see the heavy rains during the day...

At night? Not the same. During the day,I almost want to go out in this rare warm rain and make boats to float down the gutter. Almost.
October heavy rains.
That and my Papaya- THE tropical Papaya- growing in my back yard tells me more about climate change then Al Gore could. I have a Mango "tree" too....

That didn't take long. 4 hours later Trump says Hillary is on drugs!

Does it count if you call something almost instantly? I'm in the car and KCBS announced Trumps desperate hail Mary accusations. I'm telling you- he might just punch somebody at the debate. Who?....

Just wait until Trump gets desperate.

He's getting a bit of off the rails..(insert Ozzy's Crazy Train right about here) you notice? The more the polls show him falling behind..the lower his attacks get.
Whew- for a awhile it was a bit worried he might win.  What an anarchy that would have been. Like actually being there when Rome or Machu Pichu  fell.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Radnich complaining about critics,says he retired from giving interviews anymore...

He's so ready to crash on to the couch and live on dividends. He's just sick of the fans,the sports media,the sports world in general and of course multi millionaire dummy's at 24 years old.
Man that second wife of his must spend a lot- a fortune. He's shot.

 He wants out. She,pushes him back in!

If Bruce Bochy had honor he would be considering Harakimi.

It would be the right thing.  While "I left my Heart In San Francisco" plays in the background.

Bochys ninth inning plan? Like Custers plan...

Same thing. Just wade in and we will beat the Indians not from Cleveland but Cubs from Chicago....Ignore common sense. In Bochy we follow...

"Hard working Americans" should be "Hard working people in America".

I know many people,Asian Latin,Indian, who work hard,work the proverbial jobs Americans wont do and live honest law abiding family lives. None are American citizens, most will be some day and they dream of being able to vote. How many people you meet don't even bother to vote? Like Radnich. Or Madonna. You almost know them.
So change Solar America among others, yer slogans.

Romo was right to laugh at Bochy.

He's a human being. He watched Bochy screw the team over this year. Bochy was wrong to trust in a pen that failed over and over to the extreme. It wasn't just a wrong call in game four,it was so stupid,so un major league level so blatantly dumb. It capped what Bochy had done since July.

omg Media will not call out Bochy. ALL cave in.

He blew it. He fucked up the team more then any other cause. They were in the playoffs despite Bochy -not because of him.
You did all notice that the dodger manager WENT WITH HIS BEST. He wasn't worried about Kershaws arm in 2017. Ya know?
Romo was right to laugh at Bochy. Bochy took the team down with horrid pitching changes all the second half.
The definition of insanity is ..Bruce Bochy and the bull (giants lamb) pen.   !

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lol Giant brass attittude toward the media.

You know,in a way they looked like the Wild Bunch. Us four can kick all the asses in this room. It was like they were in slow motion.
OR, The Gunfight at the OK in black vs the evil Clanton writers.

I have tar,you have feathers. Where does Bochy live?

As soon as you find out,get back to me. Bring soda's and popcorn.

They who are stupid must cast the firsteth stone.

How do you think all the mountains around the world were created?  Might be a few of my rocks in there...I was young. Well,some also might be relatively recent...

Stan predicted Trumps fall...Read my Sheen for VICE president post.

You read it here first "Trump and how many woman?".  I'm a friggin and a frackin genius.

September 29th.

Darya is a ..admires Tom Brady for walking out on tough question.

"Oh THATS how you handle that!"..about Brady ducking questions and walking away when asked about Trump..Brady,the guy who walks around in a Trump hat.  If you endorse a candidate..then answer the questions.
Darya must have been applying how SHE handles "How-why- do you get along with that ass Radnich?" questions.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Aveson tells Radnich "Some say you have preyed on people".

Sure it was sort of a Freudian pun on the Radnich bit where he prays and holds Pamela Moore's hand (the real reason he likes to do it -el gropo Radnich) But Steve was kind of only half punning because as usual Radnich did his thing where he sucked Steve into playing along,only to turn on the guy "Steve,you actually think I would pray on TV over a baseball game?"..and that of course makes Aveson look like an ignorant kook.
Hence,Aveson came back strong when Radnich left him out to dry.

I've seen this over and over. When Radnich can convince a co on air person to play "for the team" he really just see's a chance to make somebody look like an idiot and make himself feel like a bigshot. Hence the Steve Aveson truth of "You prey on people".

It was no different then getting Lodes to talk and talk one be hit with "You don't really know one thing you said do you?"..might as well have poured ice water over Lodes.

Of course, Kathy Heenan..

Bulls? The Giants have a Sheep Pen. Alligator arm's pens. Molotov cocktail pen.

They are as solid as a pen made of Leggo's. Giant relievers throw wood magnets- they seek the bat.
Relief?  Anvils thrown at you when you are drowning kind of help.
I know one thing..Except for Romo.not a one of them I ever want to see again. Even with Romo,he's now on the downside of his career.


I go back to the mid 60's Giants. And no Giant or A's bullpen has ever been worse. Yet Bochy trotted them out every chance he got. "Pitch counts" a stupid machine that repeats the same mistake Bochy pulled Moore..and went beer league bullpen. I mean Sheep-pen.
Bochy did it his way the second half,and killed the team and the fans.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dont forget- Pence and Posey zero RBIs.

I mean when the Giants could have had even more runs tonight..them two did nothing.
I would say Posey's fire for the game is just barely going. Pence? got married and noticed he has millions..him too.
Crawford is next.

Giants lose ,Radnich sleeps well tonight.

His Dodgers won. Plus he doesn't have to weasel out with excuses of going to a possible Giant World Series.
He can laugh with the Dodger GM.

Bochy did the good old boy thing. He trusts his bullpen. Stupid idiot.

All season the bullpen blows leads..and Bochy opens the door once again and kills the team off.
This year,his brain has been addled. Like he's just blind and a moron. That's a lot for a team to overcome!
Lets see if the media asks him why Moore was taken out for a guy who was throwing pitches that bounced to the plate.
Bochy- moron manager of the year. And that's the truth. He pushed every wrong button that can be pushed!
Worst managing of a team I have ever seen.
Blind and dumb.

Britt Shipp taking MANY days off at KRON.

She's not locked into long hours and skipping vacation days. She is not in love with that job and KRON in general. Even on " Backstory" she's perplexed on how KRON does things. So,if it shows there...
I do think she's sending out resume's.

Billy Bush- wouldn't you know it? The wrong Bush got punished..

Of all the shenanigans in that guy who laughed at a Trump joke? Got screwed- so to speak.
His uncle started a senseless war that created horrors of death and destruction that still shakes the world...and Billy is now out of Hollywood Access -a job he left after many years to go to NBC. Now as you know- NBC and the raging Al Roker have locked the doors on Billy.
I had that happen...everything that can go wrong does and it does in one month. Maybe you too. Unbelievable like really didn't do anything. Just a perfect mix of everything gone wrong.

And the war monger Uncle? Sits at home in Texas telling himself he did a great job.

Life ain't fair.

Stanford's Hoover Institute= The Flat Earth Society and Condoleezza Rice.

I mean they are against lowering our medicinal costs. A society that names itself after the president that created the Greatest Depression in American History! They name themselves after that great thinker- LOL  They named themselves after a total FAILURE! What group of loons name themselves after Herbert Hoover???
Stanford must have given them space ..because big money loves backwards thinking."Hmmm how do we keep the masses in ignorance?"..Its how they exist.

Dan Dibley Family vs Radnich family.

Oh,Dans are so inferior!..Raddy's is perfect. Straight A's,star athletes at 8, Colleges of choice for the HS age girl.
Dan? his sons don't always text him,his wife does her thing..alone,now and then. He's only 25 years older then his son.

I mean listening to both talk family "reality" its obvious Gary Radnich would not lie. His wife greets him at the door with his slippers.

Laura Garcia and her Cannon are Mexican!...ONE!

I saw that commercial on her heritage. That's one no doubter in the media. Whew, no wonder she's an El Tigress on her ex. You get a Mexican really angry and no telling what will happen. Grudges are forever and a day.
Her Caucasian boyfriends are forewarned!

Any girls named Bambi in the news?

Bambi Francisco is one..but Bambi is such a super girly name. Must be a heck of a lot of pressure to look good when you are tagged as a Bambi.

Radnich must be grabbing himself when he says he loves sports..

Right? Passes on World Series,Superbowl. Sure,sports are his life.You can't even PAY him to go!

Gary Radnich- He's not an asshole- he just plays being an asshole. !

Give him an award for that.  Also the split act he has...Mr. Never teases Darya as she sleeps with the boss,and then rip the others because he likes it..I mean,shtick. Sure it is.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Gary Radnich can't seem to understand. HE's the obnoxious one.

Listening to him today..He doesnt get it. People hate him because he's obnoxious and an asshole for all times.
I laugh as he tries to balance being an asshole and "Love me"..LOL.

I might as well add he's stupid. That's pretty simple. I bet he doesn't get that...

Steve Aveson getting the hang of being used.

Its all smiles and he wants to keep going at a station Radnich is pushing off air closer and closer each day.
He also- notice- asks no questions of Radnich.  See,anything adult asked of Radnich would just make him look bad. He's incapable of sounding normal. You know- he takes the view Donald Trump was set up, Nixon was set that.  SO Steve has to play patty cake with the 70 year old.

KRONS KREEPY KLOWN sports director won't go to Giant's game.

Amazing- he has no interest- not even being paid to go!
Oh yeah,he loves sports. He's full of love.

You'd be in jail if I was President.

"You'd be in jail". I had to look that up to see if You'd is a real word. It is. Not sure if Trump used it correctly.
It was enough to learn it wasn't slang,dude.

Female reporters and baseball type darling.

Whether it Marci Gonzales doing weather or a local hot chick, the ponytail in back and the jogging pants..very tight. How cute. Makes even the older ones look like college girls. Who doesn't like college girls? asks Donald...

The Beatles gold touch...

How the hell is it - i keep reading about influential groundbreaking people in the 60's-70's..and the Beatles are always someplace close by. Even before you ever heard of those then nobody's...then,they make it big.
A wiki learned thought.

Raddy and what he says about me....

I guess I'm the "lonely guy" he always alludes to. He leaves out that Stan is like Muhammad Ali to him. He never admits he fixed his promoted fight in the 70's for the great one to lose a "computer generated" fight and he never admits that I'm right as white!
Same guy,same reasons....

"We need it but it didnt make a dent in the drought"...! There- they wont say it if I SAY IT FIRST..

You can thank me in my go fund page "Stan fights cliches".com

If I DO hear a media person say that? I put the Stan curse on them. It will last forever....

1975 Best rock song year of the 70's. And Sugarloaf.. and Life is short..

I was looking at Billboards top 100 of that year and I would say 90 of the 100 came in loud and clear right to me. Sure,I must have heard the other ten..but 90% that you can remember words and lyrics is pretty good for 41 years later. I think summer was all year in 1975.
I could listen to the year all day without a yawn.

Hey,I was listening to cable Music Choice oldies 70's and then they played "Green Eyed Woman" you know I did the WIKI thing. The lead singer just died on the 16th of September. Funny that after no thought of the band in years...

You remember in yer teens and 20's saying "Life is short I'm going for it" ? That might be the only philosophical concept we got right. The only real insight we had,"Young wont last", was 100% right.
Not that we all did anything great afterwords. But,we had that right.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Punks- all cowards and nothing but a loud car and a gun...

Its what I learned..Hayward punks are STUPID..I never had words with one who made me think this guy has a brain.
Its why they like loud cars,bikes..they can't articulate what color the sky is...just pulverize people with noise is all they can do. Step on a pedal. Something that take no brainpower.
99% of them get braver as the distance between me and them goes over a block!

I wish Hayward did have a PD problem with beating punks,shooting them,all that jazz. I would support that.

I wonder what punks will do when cars are all electric and driverless? Let me guess- put honking geese in cages on top of the car? Sounds about their level.

Raiders pull it togeher...ok,takes time to be a great team..

Working out the bugs early. Still,you could nitpick the defense is a sieve,turnovers are so bad.The running game is a little weak.
But they won!

Raiders starting to stink like the Giants,Stanford,Cal, and the putrid 49ers..

Not a single win this week?. Ugh.

Trump supporters dont care he gropes beautiful woman one iota...

Why would they? They would do the same thing IF they could. If he chased ugly woman- that's terrible! And those senators or congressmen who chased male aides? Voted out the door muy pronto.
But they support Trump because he represents the American fantasy. The 1950's woman are to support and at the same time submit to men. So,what has he done that's against that?

In a way- he does prove what most men know. The more famous and of course the more money you have the better looking you get,the funnier you get,and the more they want you.

What could he do to turn off the support? Endorse immigrants. Call for heavy taxes. Call for more integration in upper management. Take God Bless America out of the 7th inning. If he wanted to do those things?..then the right says get the hell out. So far they they still love him. Even more then ever.

Donald "Fuck her in the pu**y" Trump!

He was riding his bicycle in 1995 when he saw a beautiful reporter. Its where it all started.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Great galaxy cluster and Susanna Hoff in her lingerie in the 80's...YouTube recommends to me.

So I watched to fill my cravings for scientific knowledge..and the other for just cravings..I guess.
Hey,I'm not running for president. Although,I should be running someplace. I need to lose more weight and faster.

Ted Robinsons head continues to expand. What is he,future man 3000?

That's a melon and a half. With those wide eyed thing he does,I think I saw him on "One Step Beyond" or it was his dad? Runs in the family I bet.

Claudine Wong's deep cleavage and Tara's booty...

I love KTVU's upping the ante. They just need to copy KGO and pull back the camera for full body shots on the weatherwoman.
Tara on the PSA? nice profile!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Mathew McConaughey better eat something...

He's a bit strange..very good actor. Was into being a buff leading man. Now,he's like the Batman actor who starved himself for a role..well,Matt isnt buff and looks weak physically in his roles.
He said "I got used to not eating"..that don't sound normal unless you are anorexic thinking.
Kind of painful to look at the guy in the car commercials. His calmness seems more like "I gave up on life"..then philosophical.

KNBR ignoring the the Warriors too.

How shallow can a corporation be?

OH,and Gary Radnich has NEVER been told what he can and cant say! LOL.  He just finds 3-1 and the Raiders just don't interest him like the 1-4 49ers!  He WANTS to talk for 3 hours about the 49ers..

Pam Cook sexing up KTVU.

There is something extra sexy when somebody who seems so sweet and nice..shows up naughtily in a sexy dress. Red,short skirt,much cleavage. Somethings simmering in there...
Nothing wrong with that.

Radnich brags "sponsors are back" Yeah,for a cheap whore like KRON sports!

Offer TV time low enough- even Bamboo nursery buys time!  Its a tv station..and he's bragging they have sponsors? That's Podunk city.
Its the Radnich way of saying "Its all Kathy's fault". You know it. He's despicable and so are his co horts.
Its why people love my blog to give it to the rat bastard.

btw I laugh at how Radnich doesn't get Steve being condescending dealing with the mental sports director.When Steve salutes makes Gary happy...eesh...
 Radnich doesn't get it!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Steve and I are buddies..sez Radnich. Habitual liar again...

That's how he lives with himself. He loves Steve now. Its easiest thing in the world for Radnich to say he loves you..because he's a compulsive liar. It means nothing to him that its not true. He never even blinks.

ps- Steve never returns the feeling,says nothing. In case you were wondering,its all one way.

Samsung commercial of half naked woman.

You see the commercial during the 49er game? One girl has Daisy Dukes so high you could see panty edges..other woman in flimsy nighty tops and one in a white t shirt wasn't wearing a bra as she jiggled.
I watched it several times to make sure before filing this report.

Any Mexican's in the local media? lol...The media wall...

Its Hispanic month- or was- and every little PSA of a local reporter or anchor..well,They are from Columbia,El Salvador,Cuba..anyplace but Mexico!.. 90%+ of the bay area Hispanic population is Mexican. So,you would think...
I didn't see KRON do any- although they did plenty of African American's in their month- but I now wonder if Marty Gonzalez is Mexican? He's looking more Guatemalan by the minute...

You know it was like Pentecostals filing in for Jewish people in Jewish appreciation day.  Sort of...well, they are both religions..

Kathy Heenan treated like a whistle blower at KRON..

That's what it looks like. As if she was at fault for showing the world how crude and boorish Gary Radnich is.
She's lost weight..I saw her yesterday and its like she dropped quite a bit of it. Stress?

Radnich ever since has taken no blame as we all know. His only remarks are "She froze on me". Her fault ,again.

Anybody notice Madbums red arm? No wonder they ice them up...

Rare a pitcher after a game does a interview in a tank top. But he did- and you could see how red his left shoulder was and also lower triceps area.
Its a wonder they can do that month after month for years. My arm wanted to fall off when I was 14 throwing a hardball on weekends with friends. I did have a great curve.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ALERT! Stan spots creepy clown at 6:45,8:45, and 10:45 pm's on KRON..

OH my god it was hideous..with this fat gigantic bloated head and round beady eyes like the dead!  His costume was scaaaaary! Checkered jacket like clowns wear,and flood pants. He had white big tennis shoes and no socks..a clown hobo look...eerie!
It nearly frightened me to death. I had nightmares of the Creepy Clown taking me to his friends house- the Mason McDuffys who said they would create debt for the rest of my life..AGHHH!!!,and of the clowns wife spraying with Lysol constantly, she said "I have OCD, must KILL germs too!".

whoo,woke up in a sweat.
Better call the FBI.

NBA Preseason,its all make believe. Tell KNBR.

"The Warriors destroyed San Diego like they were a college team". It made me double check that it was a practice game..nothing counts. Yep,its just practice.

Yahoo=nsa search,is dead!

I typed in those terms to see what Yahoo says about itself...their search engine went dead!
And why,Super news services are not trustworthy. They wont report on themselves!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cat killer pleads guilty..Lets hope he gets shanked in prison..

That scum should be in prison decades. But,that wont happen and he will do it again when he does get out. There is only one cure for that man..

Music into the inner mind of Stan...

When somebody listens to music like this? You don't want to fuck with him,because he's going to be smarter than you. Not bigger,faster,louder,maybe..but smarter.
I always did dig shoegazer music. Just the kind of man I am,Stan.

HGTV -NO fat chicks or non blondes allowed.

Talk about beating it home who's the standard of beauty,even HGTV hosts have to be thin and blond.
They cancel one show with a blond-Nicole..get a new one with another. I ferget her name.
Its kind of obvious they don't have the they wobble trying to swing a sledgehammer. But wanting the best things in life?- THAT THEY  Ah,but who hates them? Every black and Latino athlete has one..ha. No prejudices at all. Blonds could proclaim allegiance to the KKK or Mr. Al.Kaida or ISIS...who cares!  No problemo we can work it out

Was Vin Scully the Giant broadcaster?

I hate the Dodgers..enough of  Vin.
When are the Giants going to honor Dave Kingman? John "The Count of Montefusco"?  BARRY BONDS?.
The team on orders from headquarters fall over themselves over the fair in his time Dave Dravecky. Oh,wait- Dave is a huge well known political conservative. Gee,I wonder if that has any thinking on chases the girl interns around his desks, Larry Baer? 415 soooo hints about.
Ed Halickey...Johhny Lee(master).I mean all the Giants the dads grew up with and the fading into granddads too...ignored.
Have Hank Greenwald do the intro's in his plastic framed Ambervision glasses TM.

In Garys World..Kathy Heenan and Diane Tuazon lose jobs,income,must leave...

He also rips off John Madden's whole act in the morning "ah jeez".. Funny,he never says ah jeez the rest of the day.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim Kardashian's insurance scam? I think so.

It sounds like something Huffdiddy and friends would think up and pull off. You wait and see.

People get ready for this: "It didnt make a dent in the drought" "We need all we can get"...

" I wont complain,any amount helps"..yada yada. Started in the drought of 76-77 (along with terrible advice to put bricks in yer toilet tank) and refined and repeated in 2016 today.
Oh yeah- "It just soaked into the ground,no runoff"..just to make you feel worse about -say- a good November rain.
Its like Boogeyman stories for adults.

KNBR has not mentioned the Raiders all day. "Nation's no.1.sportleader" hates winners!

How do you go until 1pm Monday and not talk about the Raiders if you are a bay area sports station?
KNBR wonders why the huge slide in ratings?
Sure,have Radnich make up more stories of how the public loves him!

Radnich not shy to say what a great guy he thinks he is...only...

He's the only one. I'm not hearing anybody else EVER volunteering stories of Mr. Vain and Selfish.

Today,he was on another no shame self love story..when Krueger "joked" "Except you will cross picket lines". Radnich? "Oh,ho-ho-ho-hee"..

He cant show his face in face in public,he's known around the world as the boorish man in San Francisco,the shock jock,the man who's just about ended Kathy Heenan's career..and both KRON and KNBR give him a forum to just go on and on he's a humanitarian. Only,as only he thinks.

Yeah- he brought love to Kate and Kathy and Emerald and Wendy and Diane and ..Charlie.  That's the short list.
How can you be such a shameless self promoter? Easy,because everything Gary Radnich says is a lie. He's a habitual liar..and I say his dad must be part of that. Radnich whole relations with others is lie and lie some more. He does it without a blink,sleeps well too.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Raiders using 70's MOJO!...coming from behind is EZ.

That's the way the old Raiders would do it...stumble maybe,but they won.

Carr has a strange way of not waking up until its late,but better late than neverino.

Del Rio?..well,his strategy gets second guessed even while the game is going you might notice..but that Hayward upbringing means fuzzy logic genius at work. Take that into consideration-wink.

49ers dont play smart. Reminds me of Singletary- even Harbaugh,to sit on a lead.

Sit on a lead and then watch the other team catch and pass and win. Chip wanted to declare victory by the second quarter...and there went all the team energy,the charisma to win.
One of Harbaughs worst trait..was to take the foot off the pedal. Singeltary was legendary in trying to make a one TD lead hold up.
Must be something in the 49er desperate to win. Even if its just winning the first quarter.

Kathy Heenan getting almost no time at KRON.

Ever since GARY RADNICH went nuts on her..SHE'S been the one punished. For years she did weekends,now they have the terrible Justine Lodes who's brash and loud. Like she's calling hogs.
Its no coincidence.
I see no changes in other old time KRON anchors time.  Only Kathy. Like I always say,Radnich loves to pick on woman,because they wont fight back. This time,not fighting back wasn't enough for Radnich.

Black girls in commercials always out bump white girls...

In every commercial,the black chicks always put more booty pumping,more wiggle,more rubbery arms then the white girls with them. The black chicks are on the edge of getting it on,the white girls are thinking cheerleading trials. Only a job.
Anyways,the Southwest commercial shows that. The ones with the 20 year old moms and floor mops? - I used to like that one!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Another example of a Radnich family lie...

Radnich: " Alicia said I should do some dishes,so I washed the dishes last night" he said in another made up story of the family man.

Because,last year he said to make himself look good,that he tipped the DISHWASHER installer $20.

Ok,so why would Radnich ever wash dishes if he has a dishwasher?

He's caught in yet another Raddy Family moment lie and bullshit.

Romo comes in throws strikes,gets outs,...rested for the playoffs..

None of that wild thing stuff like the now useless Cassilla.
Nice game to from Ty Blach who pitched a great game then gets to stand next to Amy G,and strip her into the nuuuuuude with his eyes.
That's a good day!

One for the Giants 2016.

I thought for sure when it was 3-2 Dodgers, it was a loss. That Bumgarner lost another important game like he's done all season,or Bochy would go to the miserable bullpen with one more Dodger on base.
They did 2010,2012, 2016.
Go Giants!