Monday, October 10, 2016

1975 Best rock song year of the 70's. And Sugarloaf.. and Life is short..

I was looking at Billboards top 100 of that year and I would say 90 of the 100 came in loud and clear right to me. Sure,I must have heard the other ten..but 90% that you can remember words and lyrics is pretty good for 41 years later. I think summer was all year in 1975.
I could listen to the year all day without a yawn.

Hey,I was listening to cable Music Choice oldies 70's and then they played "Green Eyed Woman" you know I did the WIKI thing. The lead singer just died on the 16th of September. Funny that after no thought of the band in years...

You remember in yer teens and 20's saying "Life is short I'm going for it" ? That might be the only philosophical concept we got right. The only real insight we had,"Young wont last", was 100% right.
Not that we all did anything great afterwords. But,we had that right.