Wednesday, October 5, 2016

ALERT! Stan spots creepy clown at 6:45,8:45, and 10:45 pm's on KRON..

OH my god it was hideous..with this fat gigantic bloated head and round beady eyes like the dead!  His costume was scaaaaary! Checkered jacket like clowns wear,and flood pants. He had white big tennis shoes and no socks..a clown hobo look...eerie!
It nearly frightened me to death. I had nightmares of the Creepy Clown taking me to his friends house- the Mason McDuffys who said they would create debt for the rest of my life..AGHHH!!!,and of the clowns wife spraying with Lysol constantly, she said "I have OCD, must KILL germs too!".

whoo,woke up in a sweat.
Better call the FBI.