Monday, October 24, 2016

Anybody watching local PBS? They have NOTHING that interests me.

Ever since KQED bought ch 54...KTEH or whatever its called now..just shows English programs that are of no interest to Americans. Although I get that the Atherton,maybe Danville crowd love all the pomp and such those programs have airs too.  Is that what PBS has become? elitist TV?  You watch those shows to wet your appetite for world wide travel?...that you can actually do while the rest of us can not?
That's what I see they are pandering too. Nothing educational or worth a tax write off to donate to.

Whats hilarious? The BBC would go broke if it put those same English programs on the American BBC TV. So, they show Star Trek!

I would love to see something that fits the bay a garden show that features the exotic plants that can be grown here,not more about "organic produce" a subject that's filled with lies anyways. Something about bay area wildlife..just something quality!

Day after day.. THREE PBS channels of programming..none worth a damn.