Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Aveson tells Radnich "Some say you have preyed on people".

Sure it was sort of a Freudian pun on the Radnich bit where he prays and holds Pamela Moore's hand (the real reason he likes to do it -el gropo Radnich) But Steve was kind of only half punning because as usual Radnich did his thing where he sucked Steve into playing along,only to turn on the guy "Steve,you actually think I would pray on TV over a baseball game?"..and that of course makes Aveson look like an ignorant kook.
Hence,Aveson came back strong when Radnich left him out to dry.

I've seen this over and over. When Radnich can convince a co on air person to play "for the team" he really just see's a chance to make somebody look like an idiot and make himself feel like a bigshot. Hence the Steve Aveson truth of "You prey on people".

It was no different then getting Lodes to talk and talk one be hit with "You don't really know one thing you said do you?"..might as well have poured ice water over Lodes.

Of course, Kathy Heenan..