Sunday, October 16, 2016

Bay Area winters have change..

I DO have a real honest to goodness Papaya- and it has some small fruit on it. It just amazes me to look at it.
I remember back in 1968 in grammar school, "skating" on ice at the school's field. Frozen lawn water. In 1972 the huge GREAT freeze that lasted not hours- but the whole frikkin month of December. Coldest year of my young life. I just remember green plants all around turned brown. The News,Eyewitness or the like,showing all the dead Eucalyptus in the Berkeley hills.
1990..Water pipes burst, Hayward had its coldest day ever,24f  But you was only 10days of cold,not a month like 1972. And ever since,those arctic fronts have packed less punch and for a shorter duration. Its down to 6 days or less as in 2007.

The last three years have not had any long cold..just a night of frost here and there. With drought year or rainy. That's what gets me..even when we had near average wasn't very cold.

Science changed its San Francisco bay area climate rating. We went from a 9b in my a 10a and even 10b in parts of the urban bay area. Same rating as most of soucal.

Its why Papaya and Mangoes are now inching into the the bay area.