Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is the Universe a computer program?

No. But its like the newest fad in science to be near a religion. It goes that look at we have done since the 1980's and pong- to the best CGI and computer power. Imagine they say some other civilization that could take that exponential growth for CENTURY'S.that would be like trillions of times more powerful computers then now.
No Human could tell the difference it goes on,between a program and Original Gangtsa Unie. So to speak.
I mean,think of how many times in your life it felt like something big had set you up. Usually to fail,sometimes to succeed. Its not just me..look at the movies when a character looks up at the sky and asks why that? now?..Why????!   It seemed beyond chance. I felt that one.
I've heard the argument that at all times everything in the Universe is chance..so there is no such thing as..well,a program. Chance even in following the unbreakable laws of the universe that stop everything from happening all at once. That would be a pretty random Universe or really nothing but bouncing balls until the end of time.
THAT would be really boring for a programmer..Oops!..That might be a case for it after all....