Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Radnich instigates Steve Aveson to take a zinger at Britt Shipp.

Coming out of a commercial Aveson asks sort of rhetorical weather questions to Britt,but what Steve looking at the camera and asking didn't notice- Britt and Pam Moore were paying him no attention..that led Brittney to ask Steve "What did you say?"..and she and Moore- the rotten Moore- just laughed so hard. It was so funny to make the white man look dumb written all over it.
SO Radnich seeing that...later during sports did a fantastically unfunny bit that Steve pays attention to HIS stories while Pam does not ,yada yada. Just to remind people that Steve had been trashed a few minutes earlier- what a pal that Radnich is huh?
By this time..Aveson took the bait. "You mean like Britt paid no attention to me?".  From the dark shadows the KRON weatherwoman shouted "I like that". What does that mean? Who knows?.  Moore got that look on her face to try and get to another subject fast as she can.

I think Radnich as a kid abuses animals. Or worse. He's just not going to let a moment go by if he can play big Raddy and rub something in.
I warned you Steve. He's rotten,she's evil and nobody loves her like herself. She hates real men. And why she loves Radnich. That's not a put down,that's the truth.