Monday, October 3, 2016

Radnich not shy to say what a great guy he thinks he is...only...

He's the only one. I'm not hearing anybody else EVER volunteering stories of Mr. Vain and Selfish.

Today,he was on another no shame self love story..when Krueger "joked" "Except you will cross picket lines". Radnich? "Oh,ho-ho-ho-hee"..

He cant show his face in face in public,he's known around the world as the boorish man in San Francisco,the shock jock,the man who's just about ended Kathy Heenan's career..and both KRON and KNBR give him a forum to just go on and on he's a humanitarian. Only,as only he thinks.

Yeah- he brought love to Kate and Kathy and Emerald and Wendy and Diane and ..Charlie.  That's the short list.
How can you be such a shameless self promoter? Easy,because everything Gary Radnich says is a lie. He's a habitual liar..and I say his dad must be part of that. Radnich whole relations with others is lie and lie some more. He does it without a blink,sleeps well too.