Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump supporters dont care he gropes beautiful woman one iota...

Why would they? They would do the same thing IF they could. If he chased ugly woman- that's terrible! And those senators or congressmen who chased male aides? Voted out the door muy pronto.
But they support Trump because he represents the American fantasy. The 1950's woman are to support and at the same time submit to men. So,what has he done that's against that?

In a way- he does prove what most men know. The more famous and of course the more money you have the better looking you get,the funnier you get,and the more they want you.

What could he do to turn off the support? Endorse immigrants. Call for heavy taxes. Call for more integration in upper management. Take God Bless America out of the 7th inning. If he wanted to do those things?..then the right says get the hell out. So far they they still love him. Even more then ever.