Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Was Vin Scully the Giant broadcaster?

I hate the Dodgers..enough of  Vin.
When are the Giants going to honor Dave Kingman? John "The Count of Montefusco"?  BARRY BONDS?.
The team on orders from headquarters fall over themselves over the fair in his time Dave Dravecky. Oh,wait- Dave is a huge well known political conservative. Gee,I wonder if that has any thinking on chases the girl interns around his desks, Larry Baer?...as 415 soooo hints about.
Ed Halickey...Johhny Lee(master).I mean all the Giants the dads grew up with and the fading into granddads too...ignored.
Have Hank Greenwald do the intro's in his plastic framed Ambervision glasses TM.