Monday, November 14, 2016

95.7's Gianna Franco your man-animal sex story reader. What a boost to her career...

Today I caught just the tail end of man-goat wrestling she had just read.
If this woman had any ethics? She would go to H.R. and complain she's being asked to do story's of animals abused for laughs and she opposes that.

The reality? 95.7's young Trump type producers - names never given,faces never seen tell her "Be one of the boys"..she,knowing that standing up makes her "One of them SF types"..actually humiliates herself on local radio by giving in.
She even mentioned that she was asked to do something that was so over the line sexually,THAT she couldn't do.
I see it as she's being sexually harassed,and is in that "Do I risk my job complaining to men about what other men just like them, want me to do?"

Well,its the only way Gianna.  Or have your kids listen to mommy be another potty minded and -divorced- Greg Papa.