Saturday, November 19, 2016

Black man crys over food from SF Foods for Family's. Radnich would tell him "No more handouts"..

I got this one juuuust right. Radnich was all pumped up by Fran Tarkenton's free market shit. Its why he got excited and yelled " No more handouts!" A quote.
See,Radnich and the Trump pr people want you to know...its the hobo's,the homeless,the unskilled,the elderly sick. Who CONTROL the Congress,The Senate,they tell tell the Generals what to do. Willy the wino created the tax system of the rich where you take a 20 year break from paying taxes.He's so tricky.
That's what Gary Radnich- KRON and KNBR's spokesperson wants you to know. He you see, "Works my ass off".  Well,I see there's plenty left. Lots of stomach and chin too.
So just like those voters who want Willy to stop his tyranny so offshore tax havens of those poor bullied multinational corporations will end,Radnich puts his finger right on the crux of it all. Like he usually does.