Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ha! Racist Sid Rosenberg added to racist Don Imus show!..Radnich buddys.

Sid "Serena Williams is a chimp" Rosenberg is now working for "Those college Nappy headed ho's" Don Imus. All who know Imus well have called him one of the biggest racists in the media. He only has proven that over and over.

Sid,who Gary Radnich calls "What every sports host should be" Has never thought a thing about Radnich married to a black woman and with brown children. No,Sid would never do that. SO, Radnich seeing the genius of Rosenberg- like he saw the genius of R.Kelley.- uses his superior intellect to rise above the rest of us and give Rosenberg a forum.
Gary is such a pal.