Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hey I went over 180,000 views...biggest and ,most popular reads are....

Still Dan Ashley's hair. Numero uno.
Harvey Levin.  I think people want to read something about the guy since all other bloggers fear him. I think he's a log cabin Republican. They pretend the Republican party cares for them.."down deep"..!
It helps them have no shame over raping America for money.

Diane Tuazon. KRON lost some high profile people last and this year. Kept one...

... Radnich are always near the top. People HATE GARY RADNICH. Just HATE HIM. whew! Nobody in the bay area is hated as much as the self avowed "Spiritual man" who tells poor people "NO more handouts for you bums!". He timed it for the Holidays. Spiritual.