Thursday, November 10, 2016

Its not so much a Republican..its such an asshole, arrogant person and openly stone age thinker President.

Xenophobe,misogynist,spoiled brat liar born wealthy, fantasy lifestyle, and has shown no interest in any culture that isn't part of making him money.

I have my home. I'm all American. But,I'm going to to hate watching the fabric of the country erode day by day in huge swaths as laws and rights are rolled back. I'm sure not immune to inflation or health care costs. But I think I can die in my own home,not in Modesto priced out of the bay area.

Who would have guessed that after the changes of the 1960's..those children would turn their backs on all of that? That after the bankers looting of America in 2000-2008,That white males would go right back to a president who will deliver more of that- to a higher power level. White men wanted blood.  Trump to America is the new Stephen Foster - only he won the north too.

Every time I think of those Danville homes having a huge happy party at Trumps win?..I just see celebrate more shootings parties.