Thursday, November 17, 2016

KRON must feel the end is near. Anchorman does magic tricks on air. FOCUS KRON,focus...

 Once again the Radnich influence made KRON the KLOWN NEWS of the bay area. If it was funny,or made any sense or even timely...but it was just a group of students on the final day of school saying "what can they do, suspend us for summer?"   Pathetic, as Radnich thinks he's kicking in the final wall.
What else is pathetic is how much he hates being a sports anchor. His constant whining about reading about offensive lineman- who cares he asks? How about people who actually like sports? I answer.
He wants to break down walls? rip Jed.  Uncle Gary is so wacky he thinks he's a rebel to support the ultra wealthy.

PLUS: Hows this for fucking up a bit? When Aveson pulled the stale "coin from the ear" trick that made Pamela Moore squeal just like a little girl?...the camera angle was high enough you could clearly see Aveson pass the coin from his right hand to his left "under the table" .

Pamela clearly has issues. The pressure of KRON going under is unnerving her.