Saturday, November 12, 2016

Let me tell you Trump is not going to go after punks..

Oh,he gives that impression....But,He couldn't really care less. No,he's going to try and remake this country into his own image. European,Russian,pseudo aristocratic....great for the wealthy.
Muggers and thieves?..please. Trump is trying to burn down the last forests to grow cows for McDonalds.
You see his kid? NO smiles and pouty lip? Damien in the Omen,isn't he?  Kids of public people who are like that? Are never going to deliver newspapers.
I'm going to have a trove of things to complain about..

Oh,and Michael Moore who says "I knew the white man in Detroit would go Trump over jobs"...BULLSHIT!...When Obama was elected president the big three Auto company's were on the verge of going under- it  was OBAMA who loaned those company's money to float. He made them PAY BACK THE LOANS also. Remember?  So,once again Stan says its not the economy that gave Trump the White really was bigotry and hate.
The irony as I see it..we will see MORE CRIME not less. The white collar big bizz crime will once again break this country..or come close.