Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Polls show- Stupid White men voted for Trump. Vote is one smart thing they do.

70% of white HS dropouts and non college white men voted for Trump. 85% of white men who said they wanted a "change in government" voted for Trump.
So now inflation will rise- like it did with Nixon's war machine and then Reagan's borrow from the working class and spend,and then George W's of course collusion with bankers almost bankrupting this country..all the presidents of stupid white men.
Carter, Clinton, and Obama..this country thrived.

  But,we know who really has the power to get stupid white men to vote....
Smart white men.  Smart white men brought in African Americans to work for free. Smart white men bring in Mexicans to work the fields and dirty jobs with lowest pay and no benefits. They bring in Asian's and Middle easterners to be cheap tech and take care of grandma at the old folks home.

And when dumb white men get angry they cant find a job?...Smart white men tell them "blame the Mexicans and foreigners! And the Smart rich man adds- and vote to lower my taxes to zero! Then,they do.