Monday, November 7, 2016

Sick and tired of the self imposed Chicano young stupidity in Hayward.

By that I mean that whole bullshit Cheech talk,attitude, "Hey mon,bro,ese,holmes ( No Heather around? then dont say that to me)..its all just what I don't want to hear out of young people 23rd generation Americans. Their grandfathers dont talk like that so where do they get off?
I tell ya- its what they teach themselves. Teach,Cheech is what it is. The whole worship of stupidity,gangsters and thugs and their music culture. The smiles it brings them.
How perverse that the low rider is dead and I see cars with "Hayward Hot Rod Boys" painted on the car window and with loudest car and motorcycle on the block compadres?
If I was running for Mayor I would be running on a platform of "If you don't teach your children well,then HPD will..and it will cost YOU money". See,that's the only thing that thug children's parents worry about- don't cost us money.  Its not stay out of trouble..nope,do what you want,don't bother me and DON'T COST ME MONEY. Like get arrested.
If I never see another droopy eyed punk the rest of my life,well,I'm sorry I've seen it now..let alone more of it.
Honest hard working,military Latino's are a world away from the scum. Just listen to them speak.