Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Steve Paulsen,denier of Global Warming?

The other day "I had (somebody) tell me ,that he had never seen a November this warm. I told him,last year this time  (within 3 degree's)"
Yes,last November (2015) was actually one of the very few months since 2000 that was below average.
But,I notice he likes to pick at anything that says global warming is happening.

If you like to grow plants...then you know the bay area is milder. You know it. Plants that were only seen in soucal as late as the 90's are now growing here into shrubs and trees.

Paulsen's forecast always seem conservative or he'll say "I don't think it will go over ( F)"..Then it does, usually.
I better keep an eye on that guy. He does work for FOX.