Monday, November 28, 2016

Taco Bell's worst crew -Evuh. Union City..

Fronting Food Maxx in Union City. I ordered 4 basic tacos and a bean cup. DO you know I waited 30 minutes in the drive through? With only 4 cars ahead of me. Time ticked glacially. Maybe I thought,they have a lot of walk up?..or so I thought. After 25 minutes,I get to the window...they take my cc. ANOTHER FIVE minutes or more..of just sitting there waiting. I'm like,this is the slowest crew ever.
She gives me my food- no apologies. As I drives out and around...there is only a single hobo in the whole place! lines of people,no backlog. Those girls who had that shift were just shooting the breeze. Wondering about Justin I suppose.
Now,I never was dark..they never saw any look on my face. Yet,I get home and my bean cup is pushed half way up. I got gypped on my beans. $9 for all that and the Tacos were half cold.
I will bet all I have that particular franchise in front of FOOD MAXX IN UNION CITY IS OWNED BY A TRUMP MAN. I'm sure. He runs a crappy business and stingy by the looks of it.