Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump to now reveal his taxes. LOL LOL LOL...

He's all love today...but,you watch. He's a "get you" kind of guy and things WILL GET WEIRD. The government that he ran as saying is too intrusive? Will be all over social programs,lefty people and Democratic interests. IRS,NSA,CIA..oh Donald Hitler is going to love the power. Like he said about nukes "If you have them, use them"..same as presidential power.

Get the buses ready and the men in black helmets to round up 29 million Mexicans. To do that in four years is going to run right over family's day and night 24/7.

What gets me too? Obama created one of the strongest economy's we've had in years..right AFTER BUSH AND THE BANKERS brought this country to near poverty on its knee's. So,no,It was not a vote on the economy. It was "We hate the Mexicans moving here, and the niggers shooting police. Kill those fucking Arabs" vote.
Trump could have groped any woman he wanted during the debate.