Wednesday, November 16, 2016

waaa-waaaa-waaa,Radnich cry's for Damon Bruce.

"Some blogger did a survey of how long will his marriage will last"..Tears..real crocodile tears was Radnich on air over it.
Radnich up at 1am reading blogs? LOSER!

Let me remind Radnich,I have a job,home,and all the rest. Do I wish my income was higher? Who doesn't wish they made more money? He does.

For him to go on air and cry over somebody he hates,who hates him,and try to sell that some survey bothers the man who drove Kathy Heenan and Diane Tuazon off the air is pure Radnich hypocrisy.

Why he even brings it up is amazing. I think he loves to be spanked. Had, "Spank me daddy Stan" written all over it.