Monday, November 7, 2016

Who at KRON I never want to see again after KRON goes under...

Pam Moore. She can get the hell out of town and take her severance money and throw a real wild child party- go girl. Go far,far,away.
J.R. Stone. Get drunk and tell yer Mom's friends you like older woman...

Mike the office Raddy licker.

The back story decision makers...the droll ones who tell raddy "For Q and ratings,be yourself"..Yeah,demented.

Alicia Radnich. Hand here hands there and all the wrong hands. Try working for extra money.

Darya. She knows why. In a movie,she jumps off the bridge because she's known all along what she did to make a living. In real life? Try some station in NY,get used to the cold.

The rest? Good luck. Primo,-best job I ever had- jobs are few and far between. Its a bitch when they end let me tell you.