Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wow- America is more racist then Even I thought.

I mean- I know the whole world is racist. There isn't a country in the world that doesn't favor the lightest skinned of the population as best,smartest and of course the standards of beauty. Stay out of the sun or you'll get dark say Mexican,Indian,Asian, familys to the daughters.
But,America just went whole hog race war on me. Truck out the brown ones,block the middle eastern...let in all the European and Russian who want to come here. Whew,that's radical.

I thought a clown like Trump must be an egomaniac to even run for President. He was almost a Pat Paulsen to me. Or - who was the guy Dana Carvey imitated?...like that. (Ross Perot)

Well- I did write here on my own blog many months ago..America loves to go from one extreme to the other. Kennedy to Nixon,Carter to Reagan, Bush to Obama.  Obama to a man that's just scary simple minded and out in the open about it. Trump.

Trump says America is a Ponzy scheme? With him as President- it will be borrow and spend like no other..for walls and Armys and ..well,buy a ticket because those movies of a future America in anarchy will come true.
If African Americans are angry..and an Obama is president,what will a Trump do to the hornets nest?

We might be up shit creek my friends.