Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bi Polar people are the luckiest people in the,la,la....

As long as I'm being Mr. Sensitive lately,let me tell you I've known people who were bi polar- officially,not self diagnosed. Like you might think of people who go to therapists and groups and all that,they were bright woman. One told me a funny story of getting so high on what they used to call manic depressive, mania,she went out and bought a new motorcycle.  She had no idea on how to ride a motorcycle. Now,she owned one.
Another,a young beauty told me one day she drained her savings account and handed out money on the street in Berkeley.  Man,to be there when a young beauty not only talked to you..she GAVE you money.
Me? When I go down..there is no luck that it gets "balanced" with binging on joyful things. Let alone senseless joyful things.
My best best is to get really old and senile-lol. Its depressing to think about that.