Thursday, December 29, 2016

Curry...More Lincecum then Mays.

By that,its a certain play with your legacy,take needless risks.  I thought for SURE Lincecum was going to get a bronze statue one day. That right now is a cloudy event.  Tim,did things in his off seasons that brought his career to a screeching least in production.
Curry? Last night did EXACTLY as I wrote a few days ago...Warriors start to run away...he goes all vain and showboats..the other team- and its every team now- makes a big comeback on his stupid loop passes,blind passes...they never work. Auto-turnovers. Its why Curry is stumbling for him...the 3's are not falling like rains..and he has to depend on Durant to save the team.
I would have thought when he slumps,he would put his nose to the grindstone,instead he sort of goes into denial.
Like Lincecum did,not Mays.