Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gary Radnich takes legal action vs 415 R.L. media.

He announced on his radio show that the company lawyer is going to write Lieberman a letter saying "He will now be monitored".
Radnich's take is...if he's wrong sometimes okay. But he claims that Lieberman is deliberately making up storys about Radnich that are lies.
He never gave money to Donald Trump.
He never had a problem with any KRON weather woman. uhuh..sure.
He likes Steve Aveson and vice versa.
He's not a racist.
He's not anti semitic.

Of course Radnich isnt going to go into it about parking in Handicapped spots,Asian anchor putdowns,Cathy Heenan,or the many things that just might make you think about him in a bad light-lol. Too many of those to list.