Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Greg Papa- the Idiot's smart man.

I have to laugh at what the King of Narcissism and animal cruelty jokes puts out there on 95.7  He's the pinnacle of whats wrong with Sports radio- cronyism and retreads..Lund to KNBR,Bruce to 95.7, Dumbkoff and Middle man to 1050..Dibs to 95.7
Uh,you notice there is no retread of people of color? One and done if your of color. If Rod Brooks is dumped by KNBR?..he ain't going to be hired by 95.7  Rod who? Done what for 18 years?

That's why sports media is the most racist and stupidest media in the world. Including the bay area.

Papa  on Andy Luck? blows.

Papa? I would rather be a nerd then YOU,a turd.
Take that.

One more on  Greg Papa. He says "It tears Mark Davis heart out to move!". Yeah,Papa sucks Mark Davis like a little whore.
Mark Davis when it comes to money has no heart or loyalty to Oakland fans. Like Dad.