Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hayward Kava/Barbershop..gathering spot for losers with no GF's to make deals about drugs.

Gives you an idea of how far sophisticated SF or Berkeley or Silicon Valley reaches. Just short of Hayward all around.
I'm waiting for gentrification to take over. Me? I have roots here 30 or 40 x deeper then anybody else. I am immovable.
Kava..putrid and you need to drink a case of it ( I read) to get a buzz. lol. Spending money at a Kava bar. Idiots pastime.
(They might not be openly dealing in that shop..but drug talk can't be far behind. You should see those guys standing in front of that store..heads swiveling to see if they are being watched. Uhuh.)

Sure,I'm far more autodidact on top of schooling for the local crowd. But why should I hide that? like my top rated car,my exotic garden. If dummy's cant take it..get out of my way. You only live once. Those punks don't even deserve their once. I go my own way.

Drove by. I see a Barbershop right next to Kava. Take your pick which one they hang out the most.