Monday, December 26, 2016

I can tell you what the Warrior weakness is....

No composure. The big names let fame go to their heads. Especially Curry. Last year in the 7th game,it couldn't have been more immature of the guy than to make a behind the back pass with a minute to went into the stands. That's the kind of thing "Stoned Larry" would do on the playground while laughing his head off.
I see it all the time with Curry...the Warriors start to get a big lead vs a team that has played them close..Curry then fires up a prayer 3 pointer from 35 feet away. It misses badly..then other team with a short court comes right back with easy points,the Warrior's momentum is now gone.

Klay-ups. He's got some thing about easy layups..he over thinks and blows the easiest of baskets. Its a career trend for him also.

But the Christmas Cleveland game..14 point lead,9 minutes left and the big four just passed the ball like they had no ability to slow the off the clock. No,the faster Cleveland played in desperation to catch up...for some strange reason the Warriors tried to outdo the chicken with the head cut off routine.
I never see Kerr pull a Warrior out of a game like say a Popovich would for very selfish and bad play. Kerr is the "friend coach" and the team walks over him too often.

The Warriors have a talent loaded team..but don't play smart.

I think, Joe Lacob needs to get Kerr to hire an assistant coach who will COACH passing fundamentals on this team-spend hours on drills. Get their heads out of the clouds. Too many times Curry and company think they are superhero's.
They ain't.
Curry is not the 3 pointer he was the first half last year..that phase of his life came and passed..he needs to work on solid fundamental play. Is he playing to win or playing to impress Stoned Larry?