Friday, December 2, 2016

I ran across the punks nest..

So,I'm walking to pick up my car,oil change and a new belt..when I hear somebody Heyyyy me. I look over and its "Macho,macho,man" the punk on the motorcycle and two of his punk buddys.
So,I HEEEeeeey back at him and in front of his friends start singing Macho, You know how that goes. He makes one step to me. I told him c'mon..lay a finger on me. He stops and they like rats go inside...the Hayward Kava shop. No wonder. They hang out and get high on that putrid tea all day. No wonder he's not gone 8 hours a day. Does some dealing and hangs out at yet another "You wanna get high" recreation shop in America. Clubs to Mary Jane dispensary's..Americans loved to be numbed in the rat race.
Kava..what a laugh.
I take it he's not latino btw like I thought. Maybe Pacific Islander. A short one. Who should know better to pick on somebody bigger and smarter than him and his three friends put together. Hell,my cat has him beat.
You know it was a nice day today..I was taking pictures of the hills across the street. Being close to the greenbelt..and too close to scum.

Maybe Hayward PD should know "Kava House" is a hangout for dopers?