Thursday, December 22, 2016

I'm tired of winter already. I need to plant something...

Tomatoes,Jackfruit,something. Sick of the morning cold and the low sun in my eyes. That ain't natural. I don't have a permanent tan from being an arctic dweller. I'm people of the sun. Damn,I should have moved to soucal in 2004 when I had the best chance.
No,none of this Woolly Mammoth hunting by great was warm days,city's of eternal springs. 80 in the day,65 at night just the way I would like it.
Being 37 degree's north of the equator could be worse- Kansas City. It could also be better- Bermuda.
But I want the sun light to stay more even too..none of this short and long day stuff we have in the temperate zone. Subtropics sounds like civilized weather.
For me,a civilized person of the sun.