Friday, December 9, 2016

My wild Furry Friend.

Beats me where he came from. I'm in the city but I guess he could have waddled out of the hills...crossed 4 lanes of fast flowing Mission. Now,there he or she furry garbage disposal. It started when he came out of the dark nights to eat leftover catfood in the back yard.  So,I started putting out what I otherwise would have thrown away..all types of bones,leftover meals. He can crack and eat bones I think dogs cant. Yet this little guy about the size of a big cat never makes a fuss. He and the cats hang out..never fight.
Once,I left the door open at night..and what did I see in the middle of the night getting up to relieves myself?  That Possum was asleep next to the two cats. Out! I says..and there he went a waddle..not a run.

He eats ANYTHING. I bought- huge mistake- Sour Cream at Dollar Tree. Never buy food like that from them. Frozen veggies are lowest quality you can imagine too. The sour cream tasted nothing like sour cream. It was like Milk blended into unflavored jello. My furry friend cleaned out the whole tub in one night. Good,I fed the hungry.
He's got big eyes that kind of plead with you to feed him. He looks right at you..reading you. If you don't flinch? He goes back to One track mind.
 I think he sleeps under the house. Lots of room. One funny thing about that put out a dish of water? He cant drink without stepping in it too. Next day is little water and some mud.
Oh well,Happy Holidays furry friend.